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Brúcela will prepare new sanctions against Belarus

Mariana Romero
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Brúcela will prepare new sanctions against Belarus – News – WebMediums

The European Union (EU) is organizing new support against Belarus taking into account the "ruthless" assault on the line with Poland.

According to the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they will be forced for "a week from now" and "quickly".

In addition, a crisis meeting of the UN Security Council has been called for this Thursday.

A few travelers have crossed the border, crossing the wall near the Polish districts of Krynki and Bialowieza, as indicated by representatives of the powers of the Polish line to the radio of the neighborhood in the city of Bialystok.

For now, the Polish government has detailed some events that occurred during the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday, including "three large concentrations" that comprised "between a few dozen and 200 individuals".

As the representative of the Border Guard Corps in Podlaskie territory, Katarzyna Zdanowicz, stated, "all attempts to cross the line were thwarted, and this multitude of individuals was returned to Belarus".

In any case, not all the individuals from another encounter were confined, and the specialists are still searching for an obscure number of them. Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak clarified that this conduct represents a "new habitual way of doing things".


Tensions between Belarus and Poland have increased lately, due to the expansion of the flow of movements from Belarusian soil towards the external borders of the EU.

This same Monday, border specialists detailed more than 300 attempts to improperly cross the line.

Prime Minister Morawiecki has advanced to the Lower House of the Polish Parliament that the Government will propose "tougher" sanctions against Belarus at the European Council meeting.

For his part, the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastyrsky, declared that he will double the number of border guards, inspired by the paranoid fear of a reiteration of the situation between Ukraine and Belarus.

As he indicated, the government is "unequivocally preparing for situations comparable to the one that now exists on the Polish-Belarusian line".

Subsequently, the reaction and response of the Ukrainian police and vigilantes "will be very extreme, clear and correct, within the system of law that administers the security of the state line".

Assistance will basically be coordinated against carriers

According to the EU, the aid will be coordinated mainly against the state airline Belavia for the alleged sending of travelers to Belarus.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak stated that the absolute number of troops sent to the border is "only about 20,000", in contrast to only a large part of that number fourteen as action, Poland has also advanced the observation at the border waiting fully new efforts at intersections days before.

Poland, like Latvia and Lithuania, faces a temporary avalanche blamed on Aleksander Lukashenko's system and aimed at weakening the European Union (EU).

The situation, very delicate, is still in force in the nearly 200 Polish regions that border Belarus and since Tuesday morning, and until further notice, the entry of normal citizens to the most conflictive regions has been absolutely prohibited.

Exiles are currently in a dead zone, as Poland passed measures allowing for the coercive expulsion of unpredictable settlers and Belarus revoked the readmission agreement with the European Union.

Charles Michel has decided "a framework that better assures the EU"

As far as he is concerned, the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, declared on Wednesday that the body will speak of the imaginable results of financing "a" real base that the EU better secures "despite the temporary tension".

Michel also called for "swift and definitive activity" on the Polish-Belarusian emergency line, where he said that "a cross, ruthless, savage and unworthy assault is taking place".

A challenge that has also been joined by the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, who has condemned "a huge unprecedented cross assault."

Michel is in Warsaw and has met with the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, who has thus focused on the fact that it is not "a movement emergency, but a political emergency launched with the particular motive of undermining the circumstance in the European Union (EU) ".

The two bosses agreed that Aleksander Lukashenko's system is to blame for the circumstance on the line, where many travelers are accumulating and there have been some abrupt attempts to cross into the Polish area illegally.

Morawiecki has also drawn attention to the fact that the aid must increase the number of authorities that are prohibited from entering, but must also be of a monetary nature.

The head of the Polish government has also declared that "setting the line" with Belarus is "in the public interest" of Poland "and has warned that" the soundness and security of the entire European Union (EU) is also undermined.

"Today we are protecting not only the Polish-Belarusian line, but also the eastern flank of the EU and the eastern line of NATO. Ultimately, Lukashenko can weaken the whole of Europe," he concluded.

The Polish government has recently started the construction of a divider and an observation frame along the 420 kilometers of its border with Belarus, for which it has allocated some 350 million euros.

Two Russian planes have flown over Belarus on the country's side

Two Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft have flown over the Belarus area on Wednesday amid the emergency of displacements, in whose line a few thousand travelers from the Middle East have accumulated.

"All relegated missions have ended," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. The essential aircraft, which reviewed the region as part of the joint air safeguard framework, will currently fly on an "ordinary" premise.

"In the event that such essential aeronautics trips had a repetitive person beforehand, from now on in the foreseeable future they will be constantly completed," the Belarusian Ministry of Defense has indicated.

The tactical note focused on the fact that it is about "proportions of sufficient response to the circumstance that is noticeable both in the environment and on the ground."

Moscow, which has long expanded its military presence in the Belarusian region this week, supports Minsk in its clash with Poland and the rest of the EU.

Russia's main negotiator, Sergei Lavrov, has reproached the West for the emergency by trying to force the voting system in the Middle East, explicitly Brussels. However, Russia has not wanted to participate in a possible meeting called by Austria on the eventual fate of Belarus, which it has considered "gibberish".

The nation has further warned that the Warsaw government's proposed border completion may simply confuse the emergence of the movement in the region of the line, which is taking steps to transform itself into a "compassionate calamity".

"Such decisions can only confuse the circumstance. They are only attempts to suffocate Belarus", said Russian official representative Dmitry Peskov.

"We understand the intricacy of the circumstance, however, we consider that the truth is that it is a matter with individuals, with a few thousand outcasts who prefer not to stay in Belarus and ask for refuge in European nations", he added.

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Brúcela preparará nuevas sanciones hacia Bielorrusia
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