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Catnip What is it, and what is it for?

Grecia De Flores
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Catnip, or cat grass, is a mint-like plant that cats like a lot, since they love to rub against it, lick it and sometimes even eat it.

This is suitable for them, they can eat them without any problem and without any adverse effect, in fact it may have a relaxing effect in some cats and in others cause some bouts of hyperactivity.

You can insert it into your cat's toy to keep him active and entertained during the day, as this is beneficial for his health, as they are animals that require minimal daily exercise activity.

What are the uses of catnip?

This herb is normally grown from barley, oats, or wheat seed. It is excellent for making your cat his own garden suitable for him.

Sometimes some plants and flowers are toxic to cats, so it is much safer to have catnip at home with which your cat can entertain and eat without any problem.

Cats that live in the country use these types of herbs to make themselves vomit and purge. House cats do not have this option, so catnip is ideal in case your cat feels any discomfort, it can be purged naturally and instinctively for him.

That is, it helps them clean their digestive system, since they also need this to be healthy and happy.

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Let's know some benefits of catnip

Our kittens clean their fur themselves, so there is residual hair left in their digestive tract. This process is natural and healthy for them, but they must use herbs to get rid of these residues.

Ideally, they make it from catnip herbs that do not harm your digestive system. It is excellent fun, many cats are fans of these types of herbs.

They can spend a lot of time playing with it licking it and even eating them, it will keep them active and healthy.

Types of catnip


This is a non-toxic plant for cats. So it can be a very good alternative, but we must be careful, since some cats get hurt with its sharp blades, it is preferable only for adult cats.


This plant is ideal for your cat to purge because it causes them to vomit and this can help them in the process of expelling the hairballs that remain in their intestines.

However, this type of plant absorbs harmful substances such as nicotine from the air.

So you have to be very careful with it so that it does not harm your cat and keep them in a clean environment.


Without a doubt, cereals are one of the best possible options for your home. Wheat and barley are totally harmless for our kittens and are also beneficial for their health. This is the best alternative, it is suitable for all cats, and it does not absorb harmful substances from the environment that can harm them.

How to sow these cat herbs?

This is very easy, you can do it yourself from home to take care of your cat's health, you will only need:

  • Seeds of wheat oats or birdseed.

  • Organic soil free of chemicals and pesticides.

  • A pot of your choice, remember that your kitten should be able to access it, consider its size and the size of the pot.

  • Preferably wide and not tall.

  • Half a meter of felt.

  • A piece of plastic.

The steps to follow are

  • Make sure to wash the seeds very well, drain them and place them on the felt so that the excess water is removed, you must leave it there for two to three hours.

  • You must place the soil in the pot and spread the seeds, then cover them with more soil and compact gently with your hand.

  • You will have to make three holes in the plastic and cover the pot with it.

  • You must place the pot in a ventilated place where it can get sunlight.

  • It will take between 5 and 7 days until you can see the buds start to come out of our pot.

  • At this time you should remove the plastic from the pot and water it once a day with the help of an atomizer so as not to over-wet our seed, put the pot back in a ventilated place but without the plastic.

  • After 10 days our plant will start to come out, we must water it every two days with the atomizer.

We must wait that our plant has grown at least 10 cm long before giving it to our kitten. It is essential that you avoid chemicals, toxic compost and pesticides so that our plant is totally organic and clean.

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