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China opens nearly 400-meter glass bridge

Mariana Romero
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China opens nearly 400-meter glass bridge – News – WebMediums
Glass bridge

In China there is always room for the outstanding and the extravagant. On this occasion, the Asian nation has completed the development of the longest and most remarkable stretch of glass on the planet, a work of unreasonable design for the heart that transcends the incredible Zhangjiajie Gorge in the Hunan region.

People who try to cross it can appreciate from this Saturday a favored perspective on these harsh mountains, from time to time shrouded in mist, that encouraged James Cameron to make the drifting pinnacles of Pandora's moon in Avatar.

The scaffolding, as detailed by the usual park, has 10 world records.

In addition to being the most remarkable in the world, it is also the longest, 430 meters in total, 375 if by a stroke of luck you count the part that stands out and boasts the most remarkable stage in the world for bungee jumping and the longest swing in Asia.

The walkway is made up of huge glass tables about 6 meters wide and has a capacity for 800 people.

The famous scaffold of perception over the Grand Canyon in the United States, which is 21 meters in length and transcends the base, is dwarfed by that of Zhangjiajie.

Initially, the scaffold was to be opened to the wider public in October 2015 for the China National Day excursion, but its inauguration had to be postponed because specialists chose to expose the design to further wellness tests and because the strong downpours clouded the last period of its development.

About the construction

The work carried out by the Israeli modeller Haim Dotan was considered "as imperceptible as could be expected so as not to hinder the prospects," according to the builder at the time.

The images released by the usual park show a construction that joins two cliffs of the ravine and is supported by four immense steel and cement footings, two at each end. Full speculation has reached 460 million yuan (about 62 million euros).

Zhangjiajie is one of the most visited normal parks in China and has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1992.

It has more than 3,000 stone columns, the highest reaching 200 meters that extend through a thick tropical forest.

They are the result of millions of long stretches of disintegration caused by the severe downpours that hit the region. More than 30 million travelers visit the territory constantly.

The recreational center also has, since around 2002, a glass elevator that goes up to 330 meters.

China appears to have focused on the prospects of inciting vertigo to attract travelers from the neighborhood.

In addition to the extension in Zhangjiajie, a hanging circle-molded stage also made of glass was recently inaugurated in Shilinxia Park, located on the edge of Beijing.

The fascination extends 30 meters from a transcending gorge and visitors can appreciate 360-degree views from more than 400 meters above sea level.

In addition to being the highest on the planet, it is also the longest, it has the highest stage in the world for bungee jumping and the longest swing in Asia.

In the Henan region, a glass walkway around a precarious mountain in the Yuntaishan Nature Park was also completed last September.

In any case, the design had to be closed shortly after opening, after one of the boards was broken by the effect of an article.

Specialists in the area assured that, despite the panic caused by the many people who were walking along the catwalk at that time, security "was not compromised at any time" since only one of the three layers was damaged of glass that make up the design.

Before the inauguration, those responsible for the usual park have coordinated exercises to test the resistance of the windows. In one of these tests, many volunteers tapped one of the design's glass floors over and over again with the help of hammers.

The main layer was broken, but the remaining two were left intact. To clear up all the doubts, an off-road vehicle passed over the broken dash several times without causing further damage, that makes it more than resistant and safe for visitors.

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