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Colombia Elections 2022: Who will arrive at the Nariño house?

The polls that have been carried out in recent days have shown a technical tie between Hernández and Petro.

Dilis Salazar
2 min read
Colombia Elections 2022: Who will arrive at the Nariño house?
Colombian Elections 2022

Since very early in the morning of this June 19, Colombia is already putting an end to a very polarized presidential campaign, where some 38 million voters are expected to go to the polls to choose between these all so antagonistic bets.

Rodolfo Hernández, who has been called by some as the Colombian “Donald Trump”, voted very early in Bucaramanga, capital of the Santander department, assisted by a cloud of journalists, and in silence, he did not give any statement.

The 77-year-old populist and presidential candidate for the Anti-Corruption Governors League, arrived at the Santander school, where he attended high school, at 8 in the morning, being the first to vote at his table.

On the other hand, the presidential candidate for the Historical Pact exercised his right to vote at his polling station at the Marco Antonio Carreño Silva Educational Institution, in the La Asunción neighborhood.

Petro asked the voters to review the ballot before exercising the vote, to confirm that there is no scratch.

In the last polls carried out, a technical tie has been found, despite the fact that some consider one or the other the winner. In the middle of the declarations, both opponents have said "accept the results", whatever the percentage of the vote.