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Cuba prepares for tourism and the reopening of borders – News – WebMediums

Cuba prepares for tourism and the reopening of borders

Cuba and its borders.

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Cuba is preparing conditions to gradually open its borders as of November 15, 2021. Therefore, sanitary hygiene approved by the Government will be made more flexible upon the arrival of each traveler who arrives in Cuba, and will focus on the total surveillance of symptomatic patients, such as taking their temperature.

Referring to the decision to open the borders on November 15 and increase flights and start tourist activity on the Island, they have pointed out why tourism has published the new measure:

It is necessary to communicate in advance in which period the tourist activity of the Island will begin.

Each airline requires the conclusion of contracts, planning, permission and other required documents.

The protocols within the Cuban tourism sector are reinforced

Tourism in Cuba

It was highlighted in an informative note in the Round Table of Cuba that although Cuba's protocols are made more flexible at the entrance of each traveler to the country, so they will be reinforced, the progress that Cuba has made in mass vaccination is also taken into account in the National Territory and assure that it must guarantee total control of the pandemic that 2 years ago has been raging around the world.

The Tourism Sector in Cuba has developed a protocol in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, and they have taken into account all the World Tourism and Health recommendations, all the operators in the country and the tour operators of the main countries.

Cuba prepares for tourism and the reopening of borders – News – WebMediums

Means of Use of Protection for the Reopening of Borders in Cuba

Commitment and quality tourism

  1. Masks and Gloves.

  2. Separation with physical means such as screens and at least one meter for each person.

  3. Total and constant disinfection for hands and surfaces every time I arrive at an international flight to the country.

  4. The correct use of the work uniform and sanitary suits only in hotel facilities.

  5. Use of open areas to carry out entertainment activities and decrease the restaurant's capacity for tourism.

Cuba prepares for tourism and the reopening of borders – News – WebMediums

COVID-positive tourists

Measures to take

When a client or tourist is positive for COVID-19 there are protocols that must be carried out, each positive person will be transferred to a hotel, hospital or tourist facility that will be inhabited by the Mintur and the Minsap for the isolation of each traveler or client staying in a hotel.

The vaccination certificate will also be required upon arrival of all tourists in the country, the traveler who is not vaccinated will have to present the negative result of a PCR carried out within 72 hours before their arrival.