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Daniel Ortega wins his fourth re-election with an 81.5% abstention

German Centeno
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Daniel Ortega wins his fourth re-election with an 81.5% abstention
Ortega wins the 2021 presidential elections

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Nicaragua has announced in the early hours of the morning the provisional results of the presidential elections in the country held this Sunday, November 7. A presidential election highly questioned around the world for the lack of credibility.

According to this official body, the winners have been the United Nicaragua Alliance, led by the Sandinista National Front, who lead the results with more than 70% of the votes.

According to the official body, the United Nicaragua Triumph Alliance, led by the Sandinista National Front, leads the results with more than 70% of the votes. However, the CSE did not disclose the total number of votes counted up to that point.

According to the data offered in the early hours of this Monday, the total number of meetings scrutinized was known:

  • Sandinista Front Alliance: 74.99%

  • Constitutionalist Liberal Party: 14.40%

  • Christian Way: 3.44%

  • Total meetings scrutinized: 48.25%

Fourth consecutive reelection for Ortega

Daniel Ortega wins his fourth re-election with an 81.5% abstention
A triumph without the recognition of the majority of Nicaraguans

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has achieved his fourth consecutive term after 14 years as the leader of the Nicaraguan government. They have concluded a very questioned elections in which it can be said that he did not have any direct rival.

Seven of the presidential hopefuls were arrested days before the electoral process, while three opposition political parties were eliminated. This generated an abstention of 81.5% according to last night's report.

At six in the afternoon it was learned that all or most of the polls (13,459) were already closed due to the absence of voters. The election day lasted around 11 hours and was guarded by 30,000 soldiers and police officers who made sure that no source of violence was generated.

The weapon on the part of the opposition on this occasion has been abstention, who asked not to leave their homes so that Nicaragua would be totally evicted, while the ruling party has ensured a large turnout in these 2021 elections.

According to local media, it was learned that the open polls were once again classified as an illegitimate process and without guarantees of anything. Likewise, it was learned that some reports were received of different anomalies and sources of violence in several of the departments and autonomous regions of the country.

Joe Biden and Nicolás Maduro have spoken out on the elections

Daniel Ortega wins his fourth re-election with an 81.5% abstention
Joe Biden and the international community reject the results of the elections in Nicaragua

The President of the United Statesthe United States, Joe Biden, has only waited for the polls to close before calling the electoral process a sham. While the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro has congratulated his ally Daniel Ortega on his victory and also assured that Nicaragua has someone to defend it.

Daniel Ortega came to power in Nicaragua in the 2007 presidential elections and this Thursday he will turn 76 years old and will now assume another five years as president of the country, at the head of the Sandinista National Liberation Front along with the powerful Rosario Murillo who is his wife and running for vice presidency for the second time.

The former Sandinista guerrilla, who also ruled the country in the 1980s after the FSLN managed to defeat the dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979, faced five candidates from the right, unknown and named as government collaborators.

The winner of these elections had already been known long before the electoral process began. However, the abstention generated by the local opposition has made the participation of the 4.4 million voters called to elect also the 90 deputies of a Congress, which, like all other powers of the state, is under the command of the Executive.

The international community has declared these elections undemocratic. Currently, three and a half years have passed since the 2018 protests when a large part of the Nicaraguan people demanded the resignation of Daniel Ortega.

Whose repression then left around 328 dead and more than 100,000 exiles, leading this Central American country with 6.5 million inhabitants to a great political and economic crisis. Yesterday during election day, different Nicaraguan marches could be seen around the world, showing their rejection of the fraudulent elections.