Donald Trump's response to the outcome of the elections

Arachely Perez
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Donald Trump's response to the outcome of the elections – News – WebMediums

The president of The United States Donald Trump has qualified the outcome of the elections as a tremendous success.

After 8 hours in total silence and do not post anything on your twitter account Donald Trump after knowing that the republicans they kept the Senate and the Democrats they won the House of Representatives he has written that It was tremendous success tonight and I thanked everyone.

After beating the democrats and win 14 seats in the House of Representatives in crucial competencies and republicans retained control of the senate the tycoon has described as a triumph.

President followed the result of the elections of Half length accompanied by family and friends in the White House.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders the speaker of the presidency has commented that it was a great moment for Trump when Mike Braundefeated the democrat Joe Donnelly since this was one of the essential fights by the Senate.

Hours later the president he wrote again on his twitter account, this time highlighting his role after the victory republican in the Senate. in the last 105 years, there were only 5 times in which a President-in-Office has obtained seats in the Senate in the elections " express.

He also mentioned ben Stein author of the book the Capitalist Code, where he praises the president and he says he has magic that the Republicans were very lucky to have him in power and despite having all the press against him and that they attacked him every day he managed to get these victories.

This night has undoubtedly been for the president very active after 5 hours after his first twit he wrote again that he has received many congratulations from allied nations, despite the democratic advance reiterated that the day was a Great victory.

In January the country will have a divided government: The lower house will be led by the Democrats and the Republicans will increase their majority in the Senate.

Donald Trump is expected from a press conference today at 11:30 a.m.