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Elon Musk sells his grand mansion for $32 million to conquer Mars

The millionaire wants to focus all of his energies on new discoveries on Mars, the red planet

Mariana Romero
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Elon Musk sells his grand mansion for $32 million to conquer Mars
Elon Musk

If there is someone enthusiastic and focused on knowing, creating, being present in new technologies and above all making their wealth grow, that is Elon Musk.

The businessman offers his last Mansion and has offered practically all his properties. He now lives in a manufactured home at a cost of about $23.3 million.

The most recent house he is putting up for sale is an astonishing mansion, estimated at no more and no less than $32 million, which as of now has a buyer.

The house, which is described by its old-fashioned style, is located in Hillsborough, California, United States. It was worked at the beginning of the 20th century, it has almost 1,486 square meters.

The mansion is named after Guignécourt, in homage to its first owner. It has ten bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a gigantic living room, a library with a fireplace, a kitchen with space for a chef, a living room, a music room and a huge space for fun.

The CFO had effectively declared last year that he planned to sell his properties and that he would engage in other great activities, one of which is nothing more and nothing less than the conquest of Mars.

Promises to sell more Tesla shares

Tesla's CEO sold $931 million worth of stock earlier in the week. That figure brings the organization's transactions to $7.5 billion recently.

Either way, business isn't stopping for Musk, who has pledged to put more Tesla shares up for sale as a feature of a deal to practice more call options.

The businessman proposed to sell 10% of this firm, arguing that the profits made could be deciphered as a type of tax evasion.

" There's been a lot of talk lately that undiscovered raises are a kind of aversion to duty, which is why I'm proposing to sell 10% of my Tesla shares. Do you support this?" He wrote via internet media.