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Fire in a building in Recoleta leaves 5 dead

Among the victims, three are minors and two are adults.

Dilis Salazar
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Fire in a building in Recoleta leaves 5 dead – News – WebMediums
Fire in Recoleta

A tragedy seized this Thursday the families of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta in the city of Buenos Aires. In the midst of this event, the city's firefighters tried to put out the fire that had taken the seventh and eighth floors of the building.

The fire broke out at 6 in the morning in a 14-story ground floor building, according to official sources, the first flames began to occur in an environment of 3x10x 2.8 meters. Then they covered everything that is kitchen, bedroom, and a bathroom.

Among the deceased, three are minors, there are two adults, and seven children are undergoing treatment. There was a 52-year-old adult who was also in a "delicate condition" and was admitted to the Rivadavia hospital.

In total, there were 35 people affected by inhalation of carbon monoxide, 11 in the place and 19 were transferred by ambulance to health centers.

According to the information given to the media, the official sources explained that the rescue tasks were carried out with the city's firefighters, who worked simultaneously, where they protected three people, one of them older, and the other two minors.

Floor-by-floor inspection was performed, and a hydrolift was deployed for a primary site.



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