Former congressman who voted against LGBT laws was photographed placing money in a dancer's underwear

 Jender Milano
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Republican congressman Aaron Schock was recognized for his homophobic positions, always voted against the laws proposed by the LBGT collectives, was surprisingly captured in photographs and videos in a gay bar as he approached putting money in his underwear. A dancer and there are even photos in which he kisses another man.

In the social network twitter was uploaded a video where we can see the ex-congressman in a gay bar while he puts money in the clothes of one of the dancers, later he observes the moment when he kisses another boy. His radical positions may be explained by that theory that explains that such positions are an effort to simulate their homosexual tendencies by social or family pressure.

Former congressman who voted against LGBT laws was photographed placing money in a dancer's...

Among the votes that gave her "popularity" "to this former Senator is supporting the ban on homosexuals revealing their sexual orientation in the US Armed Forces. Thus, I support discrimination against men and women who live in the US forces but can not express their feelings about orientation and tastes.

This type of prohibitions have a powerful cultural component that is also a kind of repression to the person of the officials in those forces who can not express their tastes in any way and even, if they do, end up exposed to the derision of their peers.

The photos that show the hidden face of the former congressman include a photo kissing another man, another picture without a shirt in the middle of other men at a music festival and of course, the recent photo in the bar where he is seen placing a ticket in the underwear of a dancer.

Activists do not criticize the person of the former congressman but their hypocrisy.

LGBT rights activist James Duke Mason, who uploaded the video and images to the networks, clarified that i could never attack the former congressman's freedom to show his orientation in public since it is because of this right that his group struggles, what bothers him is hypocrisy and the fact that he never recanted for his offenses to the community.

The reason for the indignation of the LGBT community lies in the laws that Aaron Schock helped prevent when he was a congressman, such as gay marriage, the freedom to show his sexual orientation in the army and the initiative to prohibit discrimination against homosexuals. Anywhere.

He left Congress for corruption

After some months in which the media pressed around cases that exploded publicly and that placed the former congressman using unduly funds from taxpayers in 2015, he resigned, his abuse of public funds included using contributions to go with his workers to a Kate Perry concert.