Group rape in Bolivia The victim is a 12-year-old girl

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A new case of rape against a girl occurs in Bolivia, the local authorities are already in the investigation of what happened to the child under 12 years who was abused by four young people and two older adults between 35 and 42 years of age.

Group rape in Bolivia The victim is a 12-year-old girl – News – WebMediums

The alleged perpetrators are already in the hands of the corresponding authorities and were presented before the departmental commander of the Police in Santa Cruz, Igor Echegaray, and the head of the Special Force for the Fight against Violence (FELCV) in that region, Paul Saavedra. The event was presented in the eastern region of Santa Cruz.

The victim was apparently contacted by one of the alleged rapists through the social network Facebook, where the appointment to attend a meeting in which they arrive three younger people; Says Saavedra.

Paul Saavedra, head of the FELCV, affirms that they are looking for a house where they consume alcohol and then abuse the four young girls.

After these the children move the victim to a house under construction and ask the owner of the place to let them enter the house. Even unconscious the victim suffers again rape by the young people and the landlord of the house and the mason who was in the place.

They also stole some of her belongings inside her cell phone and some of her clothes. The girl woke up the next day and went to her house where she immediately went to the police to put the corresponding report.

The six people are already acting as apprehended and the precautionary hearing is expected, Added the head of the FELCV.

A well-known case was the one that was compared to “La Manada” in Spain where five boys were sentenced to 15 years in prison for the abuse of a young woman at the San Fermín festivities in 2016.