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Gustavo Petro is the new president of Colombia

Dilis Salazar
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Gustavo Petro is the new president of Colombia – News – WebMediums
Gustavo Petro new president of Colombia

Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate for the Historical Pact party, won the second round of elections in Colombi.

With a total of 99.86% of the tables counted, Gustavo Petro and his presidential ticket, Francia Márquez, reached more than 50% of the votes, after facing their antagonistic rival Rodolfo Hernández.

In the midst of a forum of 14,000 people attending, Petro will assume the Executive power in the nation from August. In the middle of his speech he began to thank for the participation, and mentioned that said victory is part of a historic moment for the hemisphere.

“Thanks to all of you. This day, undoubtedly, is historic. What we are writing at this moment is history: a new history for Colombia, for Latin America, for the world.”

In the middle of his speech, Francia Márquez, Petro's presidential candidate, mentioned that the fight will be to strengthen the rights of the community, and of Mother Earth.

It strengthened policies for the rights of the diverse LGBTQ+ community, biodiversity and eradicating structural racism.

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Gustavo Petro es el nuevo presidente de Colombia
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