In the third round of the Venezuelan dialogue table, the opposition is planted by Chavismo.

Luis Francisco Gamez
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In the third round of the Venezuelan dialogue table, the opposition is planted by Chavismo.

Although it is difficult to think, that in a high-level dialogue like the one that is being carried out in Mexico City, where there is a political coexistence, respect and favorable conditions for all the Venezuelan people, the Government of Nicolás Maduro planted This Friday, September 24 to the Venezuelan opposition.

It is hard to understand that if there is a willingness to solve problems, based on respect, the representation of the Venezuelan government has practically raised from the dialogue table, since the third round of negotiations, has been deferred indefinitely between reproaches of both delegations.

After an enormous secrecy and opacity in the place where the startup meeting had been agreed upon by the Venezuelan delegations, the representative of the opposition delegation to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, Gerardo Blyde, Who had arrived on Thursday to Mexico City, announced that the Government delegation was not presented to the meeting that was already agreed.

What happened with the delegation of Maduro who has not attended the third day of dialogue.

In the third round of the Venezuelan dialogue table, the opposition is planted by Chavismo.

In statements given from the Press Department of the Government Delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, I inform that the delegation of the mature regime, would be on Mexican soils on Saturday.

Hours earlier, Jorge Rodríguez had charged harshly against the United States Ambassador in Venezuela James Story, by his Twitter networks, Rodríguez affirmed that the ambassador had insulted the dialogue table, and that the opposition delegation It seemed that they received orders from the Ambassador, said Rodríguez “Bolivarian Government will never attend an agenda that attempts to impose this character” Public through your account in the network partner Twitter.

The words of James Story, Who claimed that “A negotiated agreement” would be the only way in which Washington could consider the reduction of The sanctions imposed against Venezuela, was what generated the discomfort of the delegation of the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

Incorporation of new delegates to the dialogue table

In the third round of the Venezuelan dialogue table, the opposition is planted by Chavismo.

A few days ago, we were able to see how the delegation of the mature regime, announce the incorporation of the Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who is detained, for the Justice of Cape Verde, and under an extradition process to the USA.

Alex Saab, is a businessman born in Barranquilla- Colombia, is 47 years old and is of Lebanese descent, has been accused of being the Testaferro de Nicolás Maduro, it is known Alex Saab was enriched with the Cadivi currency system, and many more fraudulent operations than he was able to execute with the consent of senior members of the Venezuelan government.

Some of the crimes that are imputed to Alex Saab, money laundering, illicit enrichments, accused by the United States by managing a large network of corruption, these crimes, to be mentioned Some of the list that is being imputed to the Colombian businessman.

Alex Saab would be a requirement of the Government of Maduro to continue in dialogue

In the third round of the Venezuelan dialogue table, the opposition is planted by Chavismo.

Once we know a little about Colombian businessman, Prisoner in Cape Verde, which has been included in the delegation of the Bolivarian regime, the question remains if this affects in something process that weighs on Saab of being extradited To the United States by the Government.

On the other hand, political analysts have agreed on the hypothesis, that the mature regime seeks to divert attention and generate controversy with the announcement of the incorporation of Alex Saab, so the opposition gets up from The dialogue table or to use as an excuse this controversy for the government is lifted from the table.

Today we see a dialogue that has been paralyzed and a people who continue to suffer the disastrous regime to which day by day face, postponed until new notice, thus being a people in the uncertainty that will happen in the different areas that affect the quality of Life of Venezuelans.

Sadly, we see a country that suffers from one of the worst economies in the world, with very precarious living conditions and with constant migration for several years, Venezuelans tired of waiting for a better future and that the country situation improves to get ahead, something that has not happened nor do we see that it could happen in the short term.