Rafael Ramírez, of Zar de Oil A pursued from his own side.

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Rafael Ramírez, of Zar de Oil A pursued from his own side. – News

Rafael Darío Ramírez Carreño, was born in Caracas on August 4, 1963, he is an engineer, politician and diplomatic, highlighted by occupying high-level charges in the Government of Hugo Chávez, of which we can highlight Minister Of the popular oil and mining, as well as Establors in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) for 10 years, period between 2004 and 2013.

At the end of the following year, December 2014, it is appointed as a permanent representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela>before the United Nations Organization and the Security Council of the United Nations, for the period 2015 – 2016.

Finally, on December 5, 2017, Rafael Ramírez wrote on his account of Twitter: “I must inform that yesterday, December 4, 2017, I have resigned, on request From the President of the Republic, to my position as an ambassador Permanent Representative of Venezuela before the UN. He has been removed by my opinions, I will keep, whatever happens, loyal to the Commander Chávez”.

Why the Rafael Ramírez breaks relationship with the Government of Nicolás Maduro?

Rafael Ramírez, of Zar de Oil A pursued from his own side. – News

In an interview conducted at Rafael Ramírez, he is asked what he is referred to, when he states that he was removed from his position for his opinions on political and economic issues, Rafael responds that a start before being appointed As a representative of Venezuela before the UN, it served in 2013 as an economic vice president, since it is broadly knowledge in this area, he warned about the complications in the framework of the economic issue, in fact affirms that he had an action plan to face this difficulty, but this plan was rejected because it did not have political support.

In such a way that the first reason why Ramírez leaves from the nations was because his proposals were discarded and discarded, causing that he could no longer continue in the country with the specific weight he had in the areas Economic and political.

Then comes out of Venezuela to occupy the position of representative of Venezuela before the UN, where it remained for two years in silence, began to write articles very focused on economic issues, government management and oil management In Venezuela, uncomfortable more one person within them to the President Nicolás Maduro.

I assure Ramírez, which Nicolás Maduro told him that he did not feel comfortable with him to continue in the nations, once the annoying of the head of state, could not continue in the position and assure that unfortunately Leave your post for your political opinions.

From ZAR to pursued.

Rafael Ramírez, of Zar de Oil A pursued from his own side. – News

We have known a bit the context of the case that surrounds Rafael Ramírez, who then enjoyed countless benefits and having had in his hands the largest source of income of the Venezuelan country, it is worth noting Ramírez Management The company oil PDVSA In the most profitable years of it, where prices were maintained above $100 per barrel produced.

At the time that Rafael Ramírez leaves representing Venezuela before the UN, an investigation is opened in Venezuela, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, announced that there were seven investigations for corruption against Ramírez, one of her and accusing it for losses of some US $4,800 million for actions supposedly directed to the personal benefit of Ramírez and other oil executives for the purchase and sale transactions to transnational companies.

A curious fact is that during the period that Rafael Ramírez's management, which is from 2004 until 2014, the allegedly embezzled amount was of US $11,000 million, according to legislative organs.

Rafael Ramírez extradition request.

Rafael Ramírez, of Zar de Oil A pursued from his own side. – News

Date of July 31, 2020, the Supreme Court of Justice declared the request for extradition of Ramírez to the Italian Republic, who studies the case and the possibility of responding positively to the Venezuelan government's request.

It has been known that the court of Rome, who is the one who has this case, affirmed on September 14 of the current year, which had accepted extradition to Venezuela by Rafael Ramírez, this news was announced with a statement issued by the Attorney of Roma, Luigi Giuliano.

The defense of Rafael Ramírez Achieve an appeal on the case of Ramírez who claims to be a political repressor, where his life can be at risk, as he has spent with other political persecues.

This is how on November 23 of the current year, we see an announcement of your lawyer in Rome, Roberto de Vita, where he says it will not be extradited by Italy, “The Court of Appeals rejected the extradition request made by 2020 by Venezuela and also recognized that no one can be extradited to that South American country because it violates human rights”, explained of Vita.

In this way we see how the extradition of Rafael Ramírez in denied, and beyond that is dictated that Venezuela is a country where the rights are not respected to dissident persons or that they simply have a different opinion to the Of its leaders, Italy Affirms no one can be extradited to the country for the reason that is a violator of human rights.