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Joe Biden acknowledges that the US was wrong with the submarine deal with Australia

German Centeno
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Joe Biden acknowledges that the US was wrong with the submarine deal with Australia
Biden and Macron meet in Rome

The President of the United StatesUnited States, Joe Biden and the president of France, Emmanuel Macron have held a meeting this Friday in Rome, located at the headquarters of the French embassy to the Holy See, for what was their first face-to-face meeting. After the great dispute carried out by the submarines.

The French president said upon receiving his counterpart from the United States "We have to look to the future." Both were received with a strong smile on their faces and a handshake at the Villa Bonaparte residence.

Likewise, thanks to the decisions made by the United States, President Macron believes that France and the United States have generated a process of trust. On the other hand, Joe Biden has acknowledged that it was the US. They have been clumsy in the case of the submarine contract that cost France the wrath, a very valuable partner to them.

A trust that had been lost

Joe Biden acknowledges that the US was wrong with the submarine deal with Australia
France and the United States establish new ties of friendship

The worst moment of all this came when the president of North America announced his new alliance with the United Kingdom and Australia region, which affected the mega-contract for submarines between Canberra and Paris, and the Macron government was seriously affected.

This is how the French authorities denounced at that time a stabbing and a breach of trust with the US, a mistake that the United States regrets.

Despite this, both leaders of these countries want to turn the page definitively in Rome. A crisis between France and the United States over Australian submarines that chilled the relationship between the United States and the European Union.

So much so, that from Paris they contacted the Washington ambassador to call him for consultation, as a sign of maximum grievance at the agreement carried out by the Biden Administration with Canberra and London.

Two phone calls were made for both the US and French leaders to lower tensions, so they have taken advantage of their trip to Rome to see each other and seal ties of friendship and trust again, where Biden acknowledges his mistake.

Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor, confirmed this Tuesday in a statement to journalists that President Joe Biden would meet with Macron this Friday, thus becoming the first day of the official meeting of the President of the White House for Europe on the occasion of the G-20 leaders' summit in Rome and the meeting on climate change.

Joe Biden's next encounters

Joe Biden acknowledges that the US was wrong with the submarine deal with Australia
Joe Biden Upcoming Meetings

In addition to meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the US president, Joe Biden will also hold a bilateral meeting with the main Italian leaders and with the Pope. Italian leaders are hosting a summit that will take place this weekend.

There, the president of the USA. He plans to talk with other key world leaders to touch on current international issues.

US National Security Advisor Sullivan has stated that President Biden wants to take advantage of his tour to be able to present some of his main political ideas and defend the US commitment to Europe, thus highlighting the existing consensus. With the European Union on issues such as the fight against climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected everyone.