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Joe Biden has called the Nicaraguan elections an electoral sham

German Centeno
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Joe Biden has called the Nicaraguan elections an electoral sham
Joe Biden charges against Daniel Ortega

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, did not wait to ignore the electoral results of Nicaragua. This is how he has attacked very harshly this Sunday the electoral process carried out in that country and led by Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, who sought to secure his fourth consecutive term.

Even without knowing the results of these elections described by the international community and by the vast majority of Nicaraguans as fraudulent, President Joe Biden has assured that both Ortega and his wife, current vice president of the country, Rosario Murillo, have committed an election pantomime, which is neither free nor fair and much less democratic.

Ignorance by the President of the United States

Joe Biden has called the Nicaraguan elections an electoral sham
Fraudulent elections in Nicaragua

The President of the United States has recalled the large amount of imprisonment of around forty opposition leaders only in the month of May plus the seven presidential candidates who have been imprisoned days before these elections, as well as the elimination of three political parties opponents.

I also assure that there have been abuses against members of the local press and against civil society activists. This is how President Joe Biden has affirmed that all these illegal activities by Ortega have served to accommodate the results long before the electoral process.

In this way, Daniel Ortega and his wife Murillo do not have a democratic mandate, but rather a fraudulent one, which is why they govern the country as autocrats without any respect for the Somoza family that the Ortegas and Sandinistas themselves fought four decades ago.

Joe Biden's demands

Joe Biden has called the Nicaraguan elections an electoral sham
Biden attacks Ortega and demands that he return democracy

Joe Biden has demanded that the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, take steps to be able to restore democracy and release all those imprisoned unjustly.

If these requests are not complied with, President Biden has affirmed that the United States, together with the coordination of other members of the international community, will use the diplomatic and economic weapons at its disposal to support and be in favor of the Nicaraguan people.

This has become a warning that this time has come from the mouth of the President of the United States, where Washington could respond to the abuses of Daniel Ortega and Murillo with a new stage of sanctions for said government.

The United States in coordination with the European Union has placed sanctions on the Ortega regime with both the administration of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Some of these sanctions have been the travel ban for dozens of Nicaraguan authorities as well as the blocking of assets.

The punitive measures have also affected the wife of the dictator Ortega, for now we only have to wait if the next round of which they warned last week by the State Department also affected Daniel Ortega himself.

From Washington, they intend to punish Nicaragua with a detailed review of this country's participation in a regional trade agreement that could impact its exports, of which the United States is the largest recipient.

These are measures that could worsen the economic situation of the country of Nicaragua much more and be causing new waves of emigrants to the United States as it has been living all these years.