Learn more about a person's rescue after dislashing in La Palma, Ecatepec

Grecia De Flores
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On Wednesday, September 29, a strong rain was generated in Ecatepec, Mexico. In addition to the strong winds and the stormy climate, also the inhabitants of that region, also experienced floods, which were caused by the heavy rains.

Several areas were affected near the colony La Palma, due to a landslide in a hill to which civil protection had to intervene, to be able to rescue a 67-year-old Lord which was trapped due to the Strong rainfall.

The old man did not have the possibility to leave his house, which is why he ended up buried between several meters of land and rocks.

The rescue took about two hours, while other families in the sector were evicted, which is why from this moment they are expected to receive money in order to pay the income on site where they are safe.

Learn more about a person's rescue after dislashing in La Palma, Ecatepec

The moments before the rescue of the person who was trapped

Ecatepec is a site that has been whipped by bad climate and bad government arrangements; At the beginning of September, various rainfall and flooding began to record, so the Government of President Andrés López Obrador, argue a census which was meant to help the population that is victued in These cases.

Meanwhile, the municipality of the State of Mexico, was preparing to get out of the emergency, since another strong rain came just on the afternoon of September 29, to which the route towards Morelos, Central Avenue, Plaza Aragón or the Mexico-Pachuca and colonies such as the abode, Aztec city, Rinconada de Aragón and the Palma, were affected by a flood, which was controlled by means of civil protections.

However, in the colony La Palma, just to the skirts of the Sierra de Guadalupe, there were several families that had to be evicted due to the dangerous release that was presented on the hillside of the hill.

Mr. Arturo N of 67 years of age, who is mentioned in this post, was caught between mud, land and other elements, I manage to get out alive from this situation, despite having spent two hours for what their rescue will be made of positive way.

The rescue of Mr. Arturo, was in charge of the civil protection and weighing has been rescued, in itself only suffered a fracture on the right leg, which is why it was taken as an emergency to a hospital of the Zone, where it was also stabilized and visited by its closest relatives.

Government in general urges people to have greater precautions in this rainy season, however, o not overlook the majority attention, to the homes for the elderly, which can also be victims of the situation.