Migratory crisis at the southern border of the United States — Mexico

An image: American patrollers on horseback, using cowboy boots, spurs and whip, turning on the back to Haitian immigrants who tried to cross. A new crisis on the border dominates the scene in the United States.

Enrique R
Enrique R
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All large human rights organizations have been manifested by all leagues it looks like a scene taken from the worst times of slavery. Thousands of Haitian immigrants tried to cross from Mexico to the United States, the rejection has not been the worst but how to do it, ride and using a kind of whip, which if they were beasts of arming.

In the last year, from August 2020 to August 2021, the United States has found more than 840,000 undocumented migrants on the border. The figure exceeds more than 50,000 people to the same period between 2019 and 2020. However, what has made more noise in the current crisis are the images.

Migratory crisis at the southern border of the United States — Mexico

Vipresident Kamala Harris: No human being should be treated like this ever

The Governor of Texas has taken desperate measures to contain immigration in six border steps within its state, including steps through the river. Vehicles of the National Guard and the Department of Public Safety can be parked at the border, the idea is to show a barrier of vehicles as a powerful dissuasive.

But no border is easy to control, especially if on the other side is the famous "American Dream" At this point President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have focused on the way of acting agents. Kamala Harris said that "no human being deserves to be treated like this ever"

In Border Politics Biden and Trump end up having very similar methods

Many organizations such as Human Rights First, expected any relevant change in the treatment of irregular migrants from the current President of the United States, but hundreds of thousands have come up with Actions similar to those executed by the Trump administration: Shock With illegals and immediate deportation.

Migratory crisis at the southern border of the United States — Mexico

In the presidential campaign of La Dupla Biden — Harris, a more human treatment did the immigrants and did all the minorities was always in the discourse, that's why they have been rapid in criticizing the actions of the riders A Horse, cowboy style, giving the Haitians with whips. The images went around the world in minutes thanks to social networks, the sentence is always addressed to the entire United States government, although these policies define the governor of Texas.

Why did you increase the migration of Haiti to the United States?

There are several reasons that are combined for the unwitting and desperate attempt of Haitians by entering the United States.

To begin, The magnicide recently executed against the president of Haiti increased the already serious climate of instability in the country, the armed bands have taken more power within the chaos that has followed that death. Many Haitians have been assaulted in their homes, as there are armed bands that dominate large areas of the country and the government has never been controlled.

Another key point is that there are already there are thousands of illegal Haitians in the United States, many of them suffered abuses of all kinds and the number of complaints and evidence, the Secretary of the Department of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, He decided apply a temporary protection status for 18 months to Haitians that are already in the US.

The measure of temporary protection, although specifically applies to those who already reside in the US, becomes a powerful incentive for those who dream of passing and enjoying the same protection, time that some consider enough to settle and get ahead in the country.

Migratory crisis at the southern border of the United States — Mexico

The earthquake in Haiti further boosted emigration

To all the previous causes, the recent earthquake is added. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and if to that systemic, structural poverty, we add a genocide with the posterior chaos and then an earthquake, the result is a gigantic impulse to immigration.

This particular situation of Haitians is what leads to Patrice Lawrence, director of the organization, which defends and advises undocumented African-Americans in the US, to ask for a different process, Human, reception for desperate Haitians and prepare a kind of progressive asylum for them.

Border crossing between the United States and Mexico was reopened

In very recent progress of the situation at the border, there is official confirmation that the step is reopened as of September 25 for people and passenger vehicles, while for heavy cargo vehicles it will be reopened from 27 of September.

The Government of Biden ruled rejecting the action of the agents on horseback and even banned the use of these animals for patrolling or taking actions against migrants. The US government reviewed the area where the migrant camps were and have ensured that most of them moved away from the area after the events generated by the crisis.

The electoral issue, which touched in a certain way to all the migrant mass, millions that were hopeful of being received by a new Democratic Government, which also sold as the Antitesis of Trump, continues in the environment. In fact, it is this "expected behavior", what has led Kamala Harris to manifest itself in a frontal manner rejecting the treatment of Haitians at the border.

The policy of "Safe borders" It remains firm

The conclusion of the entire crisis, is that although measures are taken by the actions of the agents on horseback, this already serves as a powerful dissuasive against illegal immigration. Safe border policy in the US, does not depend on a party and at this point it is clear that, facing its citizens, all governments maintain some rigidity with the subject. In short: American dream continues to represent an enormous risk for those who try to achieve it from illegality.