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Lula Da Silva aspires to run again for the presidency of Brazil

Cesar Romero
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Lula Da Silva aspires to run again for the presidency of Brazil

As a process of recovering the social prestige of Brazil, there is the possible candidacy of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. In addition, the president has declared that while he is in power, the people could "eat three times a day."

The possible candidate assures that the current management "does not understand the soul" of the citizens.

Da Silva insists that when he left the presidency in 2010, Brazil had a situation of economic growth, but that today it is bankrupt.

It also regrets the loss of prominence of the country, since it was part of the group of emerging powers called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

Lula and his wishes to return to power

Recently, during a visit to Madrid, Lula expressed his wishes to run for the presidency of Brazil, although he admits that between February and March he will make the final decision "in view of the fact that there is much to decide".

In addition, he added that the application does not depend only on him, for now he must work on forming alliances with different parties and thus begin to develop a growth program.

Even so, the former president perceives that, in case of being reelected, his test will be to overcome what he did in his last term: "I can't go back to do anything."

Ensuring that it must take all necessary measures for Brazil to recover. During his government, Brazil's GDP increased significantly, according to information from the World Bank.

For him, Bolsonaro's fundamental problems are "his lying mentality and his incompetence to understand the economy and social programs".

Additionally, he points out that the current government uses populism and the traditional right-wing totalitarianism, fascism.

Lula refers to the situation in other countries

Upon receiving information about what happened in Nicaragua, where President Daniel Ortega arbitrarily captured aspiring opponents to stay in power, Lula points out that this is inappropriate behavior and compares it to his imprisonment, which occurred during the last elections in his country, on corruption charges, which were later repealed.

Regarding Cuba, the former president points out that “the problem of democracy in Cuba will not be solved by instigating opponents to create problems for the Government. This will be conquered when the US blockade ends”, he pointed out.