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Michigan high school shooting leaves three students dead

A 15-year-old boy began shooting Tuesday at a Michigan high school, killing three students and wounding eight others.

Cesar Romero
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Michigan high school shooting leaves three students dead – News – WebMediums
There have been 28 school shootings this year, according to Education Week

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Tuesday that authorities were trying to determine the motive for the attacker at the high school in the town of Oxford.

A town of about 22,000 residents about 30 miles north of Detroit. The suspect was caught without any problem after police showed up at the school.

There is one person who has more information but refuses to speak, Bouchard said at a news meeting, alluding to the suspect.

Bouchard said the detainee's father had bought the 9 mm SIG Sauer pistol used in the attack on Friday. He added that he had no idea why the man had obtained the weapon.

In addition, Bouchard realized that the suspect had rehearsed target shooting with that firearm and had posted photos of the weapon.

Some students injured in the shooting remain in critical condition, including a 14-year-old boy who is on a ventilator, Bouchard said.

County Sheriff Mike McCabe recently said authorities were aware of claims circulating through social media that there had been threats of a school shooting of around 1,700 students prior to Tuesday's assault, but He warned that they would not accept that theory until agents could prove it.

He also downplayed an episode in early November in which someone threw a deer head onto the roof of the school and said he was totally disconnected from the shooting.

The demonstration forced those in charge of the school to publish on their website two letters addressed to the tutors, in which they expressed that they were reacting to gossip about a danger in the school, but that they had not discovered anything.

The police department has not yet released the name of the suspect. McCabe said the assault occurred in the blink of an eye before 1 pm He noted that authorities recovered a weapon and several chargers. "He fired a few shots," McCabe said. Between 15 and 20 shots were fired.

The students followed the protocol

Part of the educational system in the United States, has used a security protocol system with students, to be alert when these events occur.

According to Abbey Hodder, a 15-year-old student, who spoke with the local Detroit Free Press newspaper, mentioned that the event occurred while she was in chemistry class, when she heard a glass break, the teacher ran out and pushed the table against the door.

“Part of the school's protocol is to set up barricades, so we all knew what to do, and we all started stacking tables to seek shelter”; the student said.

Given what happened, the institute closed the doors and the students remained in their classrooms, while the security forces maintained order.

57 times more shootings than the rest of the world powers

Michigan high school shooting leaves three students dead – News – WebMediums
About 128 people have been killed in mass shootings

Since January 1, 2009, there have been no less than 288 school shootings in the United States. These figures only take into account attacks in schools with at least one injured.

An issue that has been published by different American newspapers based on data from the Gun Violence Archive and Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems foundations. Around 220,000 students have been exposed in all these attacks.

The shootings have killed 128 people and injured 258, most of them students. In addition, on 29 occasions the shooter himself also died because he has subsequently taken his own life.

Only in the attack on the public high school Oxnard Honor High, which occurred on January 10, 2001 in California, was the perpetrator killed by the police.

It was about a 17-year-old adolescent who was not attending high school, but was always hanging around him, it is presumed that he had friends there, according to sources from the investigation at the time.