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Militarization in Cuba to avoid demonstrations on 20-N

German Centeno
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Militarization in Cuba to avoid demonstrations on 20-N – News – WebMediums
Regime announces militarization from November 18 to 20

Cuba has recently experienced acts of violence and demonstrations that had not been seen on the island for a long time, which is why the Cuban regime again calls for combat, thus provoking a confrontation between Cubans, something very similar to the one carried out by Miguel Díaz-Canel on July 11 in the middle of the popular outbreak on the island.

On this occasion, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR) has announced since last week a militarization of the entire country to carry out the Moncada Exercise that will take place between November 18 and 19, which will end on November 20.

On 20-N, the National Defense Day is celebrated, a date chosen by the Archipelago group to summon Cubans to the Civic March for Change, so the Cuban government wants to take all its preventive measures and prevent the events from repeating July 11 again.

Citizen mobilization on the island

Militarization in Cuba to avoid demonstrations on 20-N – News – WebMediums
Cuba prepares for a new citizen mobilization

It is a citizen mobilization convened through social networks a few weeks ago, the main calls for this call have been made by journalists, artists, influencers, human rights activists and representatives of civil society that make up the famous Archipelago group.

The main objective of all this is to be able to march peacefully in rejection of violence and thus be able to demand that all rights for Cubans be respected, for the solution of our differences through democratic and peaceful means and for the liberation of the Cuban people political prisoners.

In accordance with this, different requests for approval have been submitted to the authorities, so far eight of the fifteen Cuban provinces have submitted theirs.

In the town of Santiago de Cuba, the person in charge of delivering said document was violently detained, attacked and threatened.

On the other hand, in the province of Matanzas the authorities blocked access to the provincial government and the Office of the Intendant in order for the petitions to be delivered.

Some romoters of the call for this 20-N have been summoned by the police to intimidate them for their support for the marches, while others have already been arrested.

The same has happened to the July 11 protesters who have recently been released from prison, who are threatened that they will not join these protests, since they would return to jail and not with the same fate. So far, more than 1,000 people have signed the letter in support of this initiative.

Until today, there has been no legal response from the Cuban authorities regarding this call, but all the responses have been from the military and police agencies who try to intimidate all those who want to participate.

On October 8, the Cuban president recalled Che Guevara, one of his main idols, so he posted on his Twitter account "We are going to become the nightmare of anyone who wants to take away our dreams."

Fear no longer exists in Cuba

Militarization in Cuba to avoid demonstrations on 20-N – News – WebMediums
Yunior García responds to the Cuban regime

Faced with the call for the militarization of the entire country by the government to respond to the population's call for a march, the Archipelago has given a press conference where it has asked to advance the march to November 15 and thus avoid any kind of unnecessary confrontations with the Cuban regime.

One of the main promoters of this initiative has been Playwright Yunior García Aguilera, who explained that suspending the call was not an option and said the following:

"It is something normal for citizens to manifest, despite the fact that in Cuba in 62 years the anti-government marches have never been approved, and we Cubans cannot renounce this right. It is necessary that this now become a march of society Cuban civilian. All those who are inside Cuba must march in their cities and those who are outside Cuba too, it can be the same day, the previous or the following days. "

He also added that if everyone looks to Cuba, violence can be prevented. "We have the obligation to defend our rights"; Garcia said.

In the same way, García has made a call to the international left that is an accomplice of the Cuban dictatorship, "Stop the lies "; Well, for the artist there are no right or left dictatorships, they are only dictatorships, and he also considers that Latin America has already suffered a lot to continue allowing more dictatorships.

"So far, there is no dictatorship that can be sustained if the people say no more, when we understand the power we have as a people, as a citizen, the abuse can be ended. Rights is not bad. Fear is over, "added Yunior García Aguilera.

On November 15, the Cuban government has established the opening of borders, so the demonstration on that day would not be violating the regulations for Covid-19.