Nathalie Birli kidnapping story

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Nathalie Birli was kidnapped by a violent man. Once recovered, he counted as escaped death. At 27 years old and the mother of a small son, a storm began in her life, as she had been kidnapped and the man who was holding her had no intention of letting her go.

Part of me thought my life was over. When I woke up, my left arm ached, and I felt his head throbbing, but the pain did not compare to the fear I had of never seeing his 14-week-old son again.
Nathalie Birli kidnapping story – News – WebMediums

Nathalie Birli's physical pain was from a skull fracture and a split forearm.

I have to convince him that he can come out of this unscathed, because otherwise he wouldn't have let me go, I had to find a way to convince him to trust me.

In Austria these cases of kidnappings are considered quite strange compared to other countries, but when the stories are discovered, they seem totally out of a horror movie.

I think he was not sure what he wanted (...) The man said he was simply very angry and wanted to vent somehow. (...) When he was not hitting or threatening me, I looked around, saw the orchids and without thinking spoke about it. "I just said it like that, that orchids were very beautiful."

Orchids were part of Nathalie Birli's little hobby, so she knew a few things about how delicate and caring these plants were.

Suddenly, the man began to talk about how he cared for them, that he watered them with water from his fish tank (...) Suddenly he was a completely different person. He kept talking to me, she listened. He told me about the many cats that he had also cared for and that had been taken from him; He told me about his grandparents, whom he never really met, but who had inherited the house in their will, and said that his girlfriends had betrayed him (...) He also told me about his mother, who according to him had a problem with the drink.
Nathalie Birli kidnapping story – News – WebMediums

At this moment of tranquility, Nathalie Birli took the opportunity to tell her about her son, who is only 14 weeks old, and that her baby's life could end very badly if he does not grow up with his mother.

I told him that I could help him make friends, because it seemed obvious to me that that was what he needed most (...) Then I suggested that we pretend that it had all been an accident and that we say that a deer had crossed me and that he had found me and brought me home.

At this point in the story, the man took a short break and remained silent. Birli didn't want to despair of him, so she just kept quiet.

We started talking about the details of the story, how it was going to work, what each one would say. He released her and left the house; He told her to wait while she got her bike. I was in the dark, I was already free (...) I thought that if I escaped and got lost in the forest and then found myself again, then it was certain that he would kill me (...) I waited while he tried to repair my bike, which he later got into the car. I got into the passenger seat and told him where I lived, but on the main road, instead of heading towards Birli's house, he drove in the opposite direction. He told me that he wanted to show me a piece of land that he had inherited from his grandfather and I panicked again, (...) I thought: Now he takes me to a piece of land, and he will tie me up again, and they will never find me here. However, after several minutes of staring into the darkness, he turned and led her home.

Meanwhile, Martin Schöffmann, who is his partner, was conducting the search for Birli. When he got home, he locked himself in and made the call to the police.

Using the information from the computer for his pro bike, which had recorded his movements, the Austrian Cobra Special Forces tracked down the suspect and arrested him.

It's wonderful to see this little boy smile (...) Or just talk to the neighbor. Everything is wonderful, I am very grateful.
Nathalie Birli kidnapping story – News – WebMediums
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Historia del secuestro de Nathalie Birli
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