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Panama under terror on Halloween: "The Squid Game" themed party leaves fatalities

Luis Francisco Gamez
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Panama under terror on Halloween: "The Squid Game" themed party leaves fatalities
Halloween's parties and series the squid game combination that leaves five dead in panama

This October 31 was news in the main sources of information in Panama, the death of five people who were shot dead at a themed party related to "The Squid Game", in addition three bodies were found in a garbage dump.

On a Halloween night that ends in tragedy in Panama City, in what was a party alluding to the promotion of the popular Netflix series, The Squid Game, five people were shot to death in a shooting that occurred in the latter Friday.

Police sources have associated this shooting as a war between gangs that have been linked to drug trafficking, in dispute over territories for drug sales, in addition to this, three other bodies with signs of execution were found in a city garbage dump.

How did the events occur?

Panama under terror on Halloween: "The Squid Game" themed party leaves fatalities
Netflix Squid Game series

At dawn on the last Friday, at a Halloween themed party at a nightclub that is located in the popular neighborhood of Santa Ana, in Panama City, very close to the old town of the Panamanian capital, well known for being a tourist site., where 7 other people were injured.

"The incident is due to a war between gangs," have been the statements of the National Police Commissioner, Ricaurte De la Espada, the event in which some murders took place was promoted with images from the new and popular Netflix series, El squid game.

For those who still do not know the South Korean production consists of 456 participants in which they face fatal challenges where only one can survive to reach the final prize.

It is important to note that in this series the participants are people with serious financial problems and the jackpot is a large amount of money, where if the price is lost it is death, but if you reach the end you return a millionaire.

The prosecutor, Rafael Baloyes, has declared that the incident occurred when an individual indiscriminately fired his weapon against alleged members of a rival gang called "Los Galacticos", dedicated to drug trafficking, this produced an exchange of fire with the aggressor.

The attacker in his suicidal act died on the spot, while the four people who were attacked died in the hospital, the national police has captured two people who are allegedly involved in the shooting, including a brother of one of the deceased, to whom a firearm was found at the time of the arrest.

Baloyes affirmed "We assume that he used the firearm to defend his brother", the director of the police, Jhon Dornheim, has declared that those involved in this incident had a criminal record and that they had previously suffered bullet wounds by these same between gangs.

Three bodies in garbage can

Panama under terror on Halloween: "The Squid Game" themed party leaves fatalities
8 dead leave Halloween parties in Panama according to police sources

After the police intervention in the thematic party that left five people dead, three more bodies were found in Kuna Nega, this is the name of the main garbage dump in Panama City, the authorities have declared that the three bodies were found with signs of having been executed.

In recent weeks in Panama, several murders have been generated in different parts of the city, which has set off alarms in the Panamanian authorities, these have linked these types of murders with the settlement of scores and fights for the territories between rival gangs, the main fight of the gangs or gangs is the control of drug routes.

Experts have agreed that the greater the number of seizures, the killings in retaliation for lost goods have increased in number.

So far in 2021, more than 100 tons of drugs have been seized by the Panamanian authorities, this being a record number, mainly cocaine, that drug traffickers try to take from South America, mainly from Colombia to the United States, which is the largest consumer of this drug worldwide.