Princesa de Asturias 2021 awards, know the details of everything we will see

Grecia De Flores
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He was known by many of us who sooner or later, who would return to his royal duties would be Princess Leonor. A couple of weeks ago, the heiress marched to Wales to join his classes in the boarding school and also, with all his obligations he must return to Spain, in order to be able to preside over the princess princess of Asturias That will be held this year.

The delivery of this great prizes, is predicted for October 22, which is also expected to be she who directs the ceremony in the company of her parents. The greatest capacity that will be allowed will be only 60%, which is why this year it will be being carried out within the Theater Campoamor, however, it was allowed that they can not occupy the vast majority of the seats , but there will be a maximum of people allowed by the public. For this, all those present must carry mask and also keep the healthy distance of biosecurity.

Princesa de Asturias 2021 awards, know the details of everything we will see

Handling everything with silk hand

This is one of the so many commitments that the princess Leonor must comply, in conjunction with his studies and most of his obligations. Likewise, it is important to note that this event is carried out fair during the week in which the princess has school holidays, so it will not even have to justify the absence of it.

The eldest daughter of the Reyes will once again monitor the different ways and main elements with which the awards ceremony is carried out. Protocol that is important to mention, she studied and met first-hand before the pandemic. The concert that will be held one day before the ceremony, will be held again at the Auditorium Prince Felipe de Oviedo, which many attendees celebrate, since the previous year was impossible due to sanitary restrictions.

However, this action will not be attended by Princess Leonor, nor the infanta Sofia. The sisters are separated from the beginning of their classes Princess Leonor. Likewise, it is known by many people within the palace that the absence of her sister has not been easy for her to take her infanta Sofia, who has had to adapt to this new life.

What will be the role to play from the infanta Sofia from this moment?

Due to the great changes that have been experiencing, there are many questions that people are made about the infanta after their sister has gone to study. However, according to experts, the infanta has been released from a great pressure, since Sofia is the second daughter of the marriage and who will now replace Leonor, although this does not mean that it does it in the different institutional acts, since each one It has specific functions depending on the occasion. Somehow, Sofia will continue to be in the shadow of her sister, since she is not more present that everything we have seen before will not mean that we will stop knowing new facets of the young woman.

It will maintain its role as before, since the infanta will not disappear, there will be official acts to which she comes, but it will take into account so as not to eclipse her sister.

Aristocratic families, beyond having hundreds of protocols and a very glamorous life, also coexist in an environment of constant work, social events and a lot of effort, which must be fulfilled according to a rigorous list of protocols and rules to follow. That is why it is not surprising that it surprised so greatly to Spanish society, on the next steps of Princess Leonor and the sister of it the infanta Sofia.