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Queen Isabell II congratulates the girl who dressed as her

The one-year-old receives a unique letter from the sovereign

Veronica Morao
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Queen Isabell II congratulates the girl who dressed as her – News
The one-year-old receives a unique letter from the sovereign

Jalayne Sutherland, born in Ohio (USA), just one-year-old, is the smallest fan of Queen Elizabeth II. The little girl dressed up as a 95-year-old British queen for the Halloween parties last year.

The accuracy of the costume was so striking that the girl was even accompanied by her pets, two corgis, very similar to those of the sovereign.

The girl left all the daily neighbors impressed when she went house to house asking for sweets on the day of the celebration.

Additionally, the photos received numerous positive comments on Facebook. Katelyn Sutherland, her mother, responded to the comments thanking them all, and asked for information on how to get the photo to the queen.

Thanks to the reception that the images of the little girl had, through social networks, the mother of little Jalayne, found a way to send the photograph of her charming girl directly to Queen Elizabeth.

The response she received from the British monarch is that she found it splendid.

Mary Morrison, her lady-in-waiting, sent her a message in which she said "The Queen wishes you to write and thank her for your letter, and the photograph that you have lovingly attached."

They say that His Majesty considers it very kind of you to have sent the message. The photograph of Jalayne, made the Queen happy, in addition to being delighted with the outfit she used.

The sovereign wished her a Merry Christmas on December, and attached information about her little pets, which, without a doubt, the little girl would love to know.

The little girl loved dressing up as Queen Elizabeth II, and even her pets enjoyed their participation. Katelyn said that Jalayne didn't want to stop wearing her bag and hat. To complete the scene, she assured that the puppies were not separated from her either.

Sutherland shared with The Mirror that all this was motivated by the union and affection that the puppies have for the girl. So they looked for the idea of a costume that would complement them. Being admirers of the royal family, they did not hesitate and made the decision of the costume. He insists that they admire the Queen.

He also said that on Halloween, when they went out to look for candy, they received many comments. The family's favorite reaction was when people bowed to her or did the royal salute, calling her "Your Majesty."

Letter from The Palace

Queen Isabell II congratulates the girl who dressed as her – News

The letter read :

"The Queen wishes you to write and thank you for your letter and the photo that you have so carefully enclosed. Her Majesty found it exceptionally kind of you to keep in touch with her, and Her Majesty was somewhat pleased to see the photo of her little girl daughter, Jalayne, in her amazing clothes". "Her Majesty is confident that you all have an exceptionally happy Christmas, and I fit in a few little facts about royal pets, which Jalayne might want to have."

The writing ended with the seal of the Windsor Castle insignia and its date was December 9 of last year.