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Raids begin to deport Latinos from the US "Not speaking Spanish or opening the door" spreads among immigrants

 Jender Milano
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For several days, a large movement of law enforcement officers in the US has been preparing, after President Donald Trump's announcement of carrying out a massive deportation of immigrants, it was not difficult to understand what it was about, today the gigantic operation to deport Latinos en masse.

Among the same agents they clarify that the raid had been delayed a few days due to the refusal of groups of immigration agents. The media campaigns against the United States for caging 3 and 4-year-old children or taking them to trial, without a lawyer or representative, creates fear among agents who think about the possibility of capturing children and ending up in similar situations.

Raids begin to deport Latinos from the US "Not speaking Spanish or opening the door" spreads...
Trump's policy against Latinos hardens

The raid goes for thousands of illegal migrants plus collateral deportations

This is what has caused the greatest fear in the Latino community, the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has made it clear that in the operation that can last several days, they will deport any immigrant that the agents come across in the operation and that is not in a legal situation in the country, as well as on which there is a judicial request of any kind. That is, there is no "fixed target" in raids.

Although it is not known exactly how the deportation process will end, Trump has said that the main intention of the raid is to coerce other families and immigrants not to cross the border, something that has not worked in raids of this type carried out before.

From 2000 to about 10 million undocumented

These are key figures to understand the fear that this operation has aroused in the Latino community that lives in the US. The authorities speak of going in search of 2,000 people requested for being in an illegal situation, but they make it clear that they can make collateral arrests of others in a similar situation. Those others reach the figure of 10 million throughout the United States.

It may be impossible for such a number of people to be deported in a raid, but it is also obvious that there will be much more than the 2,000 indicated. In fact, much more than 5,000 agents will participate in the operations, which makes it clear that the objective is not just those 2,000 people.

Trump's pressure also aims to show a strong hand against illegal immigration, something that the Republican Party always does well for the elections, so it is not surprising that recently his vice president Mike Pence visited a detention center where immigrants are seen crowded behind a fence The image is cruel, but in the American political system, the Republicans are helped.

The cities where the raids are carried out are Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco and psychosis has reached many illegal families in them. People don't worry only about themselves or their family, it is normal for all Latinos in the US, even if they are legal, to have a constant relationship with friends, relatives, partners, who are in the country illegally. Hiding them at home could lead to problems, separating these days could leave them with the news that they were captured and kicked out of the country.

Raids begin to deport Latinos from the US "Not speaking Spanish or opening the door" spreads...
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Do not open the door, do not speak Spanish. They cannot enter by force

Some organizations that support Latinos in this situation have lawyers, they have provided valuable advice to families, even those with a legal situation, since they can save themselves the trouble if they just don't leave the house on the days that the operational, they do not respond in Spanish (to avoid possible harassment from officials) nor do they open the door.

According to US law, no agent can forcefully enter a residence for this type of raid, which is why it becomes a relatively safe measure for any Latino family, legally or illegally in the country, to spend these days a little calmer in the midst of the movement that is expected.

It is important to make it clear that these raids have been carried out many times in the US, as we see in the movies, they are sometimes carried out by surprise, what has never happened is that a president announces them, much less in a tone of threat to Latinos. This corresponds to the political tactics that President Trump brings from his campaign and that assures radical voters against the problem of immigration in the US.

President Donald Trump is risking everything for everything with these actions, his figure worldwide is becoming more emblematic and criticized, but he seems to focus on his interests in the United States and particularly in the upcoming elections where he is already emerging as Republican candidate for re-election.

Raids begin to deport Latinos from the US "Not speaking Spanish or opening the door" spreads...