Regrettable! Brazil says No! Help the G7 to save the Amazon

Suria Ibañez
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Regrettable! Brazil says No! Help the G7 to save the Amazon – News

The Amazon burns, meanwhile the Brazilian government is presumed to throw tantrums without doing anything to stop such a problem. The simple fact that the Amazon is on fire is not an isolated event, and it is a fact that should concern worldwide since they are ecological reserves that could affect the whole world if they disappear, however it seems that the ego is more important of politicians who save something vital.

The Brazilian government decided that it would not see a good option to accept the money offered to put out the fires in the Amazon because of their beliefs. They believe (although it is not ruled out) that the countries behind said offer have other interests, interests that could be merely economic and Brazil is not willing to negotiate.

Some Brazilians expressed their shame at such a position by Bolsonaro and even apologize on social networks, regretting that Bolsonaro's position is that when it is suspected that he also has the same intentions.

Bolsonaro declared that he would only accept the money if Macron apologizes for "insults". The countries believe that Brazil is incapable of making decisions. The figure amounted to more than twenty million dollars, however they returned them to Europe because they only limited themselves to thanking them and sending them back to Europe.

We hope the authorities will put any tantrum aside and commit to saving the Amazons.

However, regardless of what the authorities do, we can cooperate not to end the environment with small actions such as not throwing garbage in the street, producing less garbage, consuming organic products, among some other actions that although they may seem small can make a difference big change.

Regrettable! Brazil says No! Help the G7 to save the Amazon – News