Reported shooting at the Raptors parade in Toronto

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They report shooting at the Raptors parade in Toronto. It was the journalist Bruce Arthur who first reported a video of people running after an attack, from one of the entrances to the event or where most people were.

Reported shooting at the Raptors parade in Toronto – News – WebMediums
Shots at the parade in the southeast corner of Nathan Phillips Square. A witness said four shots. The crowd ran. There is a victim below being medical care, surrounded by a crowd, and the police are cleaning up people in the area. The speeches are still ongoing. Manfiesto Bruce Arthur

Subsequently, the police reported that there was a gun attack but that two people had been captured at the time of the attack. While initially assure that there were two people who were injured, at the moment without any gravity.

In another point of the event, the journalist Jennifer Pagliaro public a new video assuring that "I'm on the roof of the town hall and something is happening. People are running including what appears to be police and security "

The first official part of the police was given on Twitter and translated:

Shooting: Nathan Phillip's Square - Bay St & Albert St The police have located the victims Serious but not life-threatening injuries2 people arrested 2 recovered firearms

As a result of this event, people began to evacuate the streets while the police announced that the situation was already under control and that it was necessary to remain calm so as not to cause a human avalanche that caused injuries and deaths.

However, at the end of this news, it was known that there are two more people wounded by bullets, but they are not at risk of dying.

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Reportan tiroteo en el desfile de los Raptors en Toronto
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