Suspended the votes in San Jorge Zacapa: Enrique Degenhart

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Enrique Degenhart announcement that votes in San Jorge, Zacapa, were suspended because there is no electoral jury or administrative board because they were all threatened with death if they continued in that work.

Suspended the votes in San Jorge Zacapa: Enrique Degenhart – News

The Minister of the Interior Enrique Degenhart i also confirm that more than 600 people have been assigned so far this day of presidential elections in Guatemala, due to conducts that threaten the voter's democracy. In general, there have been reported about 20 problems or electoral conflicts, but they have not gone to a greater electoral conflict.

"Good part of the electoral board of said municipality resigned", manifested Enrique Degenhart, who has been quite active on this election day.

If there is a second round of elections, it will be searched forguarantee security in San Jorge in Zacapa, so that the voters of that municipality can exercise their right to choose who represents them. But nevertheless, The minister, Enrique Degenhart, made a statement requesting tranquility and referred to this issue as "it is important that in the different municipalities the political organizations understand that today is a holiday " (referring to the elections)

News in development. Guatemala elects new president.