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The Court has stopped the release of White House papers on the assault on the Capitol

German Centeno
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The Court has stopped the release of White House papers on the assault on the Capitol
US Court accepts Trump's petition

After a time of dispute, the United States Court has accepted this Thursday the request of former President Donald Trump to temporarily stop the disclosure of White House documents, which could be linking him to the Assault of the Capitol on 06 of January.

These documents were requested by the House of Representatives committee investigating the event of the assault on the headquarters of Congress that left five people dead at the time and a district judge ordered the release of the documents on Tuesday.

Despite this decision, the US Court of Appeals for the federal capital circuit has issued an administrative order this Thursday that allows judges to be given more time to calmly examine Donald Trump's request.

Likewise, the presentation of the oral arguments of the appeal has been scheduled for November 30. A panel made up of three judges has specified that this measure should not be considered in any way as a decision on the merits of the case.

Events of January 6

The Court has stopped the release of White House papers on the assault on the Capitol
Assault on the Capitol

On January 6, an act of violence and kidnapping of the Capitol was recorded where hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump invaded Congress to try to delay or avoid the joint session where it would be confirmed that his rival Joe Biden had won the November elections. 2020.

A fact that would give Biden the position of President of the United States, winning the presidential elections to Trump, who at first was completely refused to hand over power.

However, these violent events did not go beyond there and forced Donald Trump to cede power to his successor.

Joe Biden has already approved the release of the records, which are housed in the National Archives. The US House panel should have been receiving the first batch of documents this Friday.

It should be borne in mind that with this series of documents it could be possible to verify that former President Donald Trump was behind all the acts of violence that were generated in the assault on the Capitol.

Records of Donald Trump's advisers

The Court has stopped the release of White House papers on the assault on the Capitol
Trump closer to accountability for assault on Capitol Hill

The United States Chamber has requested more than 770 pages of documents that include the records of the former president's main advisers and memoranda from his press secretary.

Among the records requested by the House are those of his former adviser Stephen Miller, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows and his former attorney Patrick Philbin.

Another of the former president's objectives is to be able to block the publication of the White House Journal, where a record of his daily activities, all his trips, telephone calls and informational meetings could be seen.

Donald Trump also wants to go out of his way to keep Congress from seeing the packages that include the memos for his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. This is a handwritten note on the events of January 6 at the Capitol and a draft of the text of his speech at the rally.

During his speech he launched a very key phrase "Let's save the United States" which was delivered just before the violent takeover of Congress took place.

During that speech, the Republican urged all his followers to fight like hell in defense of his false speech of the theft of the presidential election.

Earlier this week, the House committee issued different subpoenas to former President Donald Trump's top advisers, who were allegedly primarily charged with directing the violent event to try to reverse his defeat.

These conspiracies would have been carried out in a war room in a luxury hotel in Washington.

For now, former President Trump has managed to stop the presentation of these documents, while he and all his advisers continue to seek a way to dissociate themselves from all these events that stained the history of the United States.