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The relationship between Biden and Erdoğan is strained due to the "crisis of the ambassadors"

German Centeno
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The relationship between Biden and Erdoğan is strained due to the "crisis of the ambassadors"
Tense relationship between Erdoğan and Biden

The embassy of the United States in Turkey has finally gone through the hoop, and they have expressed through a statement issued this Monday that they will abide by the principle of non-interference in the country of which they are guests.

Currently, relations between Ankara and Washington are not the best, and they are going through one of the most difficult moments in recent years. So much so that the president of Turkey himself has commented the following: "I have never experienced a situation similar to this with any leader of the United States", this after making a trip to New York.

On the other hand, the US Ambassador to Turkey, David M. Satterfield, signed a joint letter with nine other emissaries on October 18, in which all the ambassadors requested the release of 64-year-old philanthropist Osman Kavala from prison.

It should be remembered that Osman Kavala was arrested last year when he participated in the 2013 anti-government protests in that country, for which he was charged with public alteration. Because of this letter, Erdoğan threatened to expel all the ambassadors, accusing them of interference.

Response from the United States Embassy

The relationship between Biden and Erdoğan is strained due to the "crisis of the ambassadors"
Biden and Erdoğan

The United States embassy has given a response this Monday through social networks, stating the following:

"In response to questions about the October 18 communiqué, the United States emphasizes that it maintains its compliance with Article 41 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations ", it is an article of the law that includes the principle of no interference by diplomatic missions, which Erdoğan accuses him of.

This dispute has only become another of the chapters of the disagreements between Joe Biden and Erdoğan. If we remember a little, in the presidential elections last year, the American president referred to his Turkish counterpart as an autocrat.

In April, Biden would make an unprecedented decision, at that time he recognized for the first time that the massacre of Armenians by the Ottomans in the First World War was an act of genocide or at least he qualifies it that way, This is something the Turkish regime has vigorously opposed, heir to that empire.

Biden and Erdoğan meet this Saturday

The relationship between Biden and Erdoğan is strained due to the "crisis of the ambassadors"
Erdoğan threatens to expel US ambassadors

Despite the differences between the two leaders, this coming Saturday Biden and Erdoğan will meet during the G-20, which will be taking place in Rome.

The Turkish media have been reporting that Erdoğan has expressed that he hopes to be able to address a pending issue of great relevance in Ankara, such as recovering the 1.4 billion dollars that were invested in a program of American F-35 fighters and that at the moment it is they are blocked.

This $1.4 billion is locked in by the Turkish acquisition of the Russian-made S-400 missile systems.

During the last days in the mandate of former President Donald Trump, who is he had a good relationship with Erdoğan, approved some sanctions against Turkey for having made that purchase of missiles from the Russians, taking into account the difference that Trump had with the Russians.

The reason for this blockade is that from the United States, Russian missile system technology may be able to obtain classified and crucial information from the American F-35 fighter program.

Finally, Turkey is a member of NATO, an alliance that has been created to contain the Soviet rise.