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The residents of La Palma criticize Pedro Sánchez for not complying with the aid he promised

Mariana Romero
3 min read
The residents of La Palma criticize Pedro Sánchez for not complying with the aid he promised

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, travels to La Palma to observe in detail how the situation is and guarantees a new guide.

In any case, the occupants of the island find out that not a single euro has yet contacted them.

Sánchez travels to La Palma this Friday afternoon to see how the work is progressing on the island, which has been vulnerable for two months since the volcano erupted, causing unrest in the suburbs.

Specifically, of the six past visits by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, "concrete" aid has been guaranteed for those impacted by the source of liquid magma, but only the acquisition of two desalination plants for 5,000,000 euros has appeared, and Another 3,000,000 euros have been used to buy houses and prefabricated houses in Tazacorte.

The point is, no one lives there yet and no more credits have appeared. What you have to focus on is the advantage for the self-employed and the ERTEs for the impacted workers. In any case, what will the rest be? What kind of help was guaranteed for the inhabitants of La Palma?

Notwithstanding the aid from the administrations, of which the last two are within the amount of 214 million endorsed on October 5, we must add the two network water desalination plants in Puerto Naos for 4.7 million euros, the 30 pre-assembled homes for 1.7 million euros and 18 public accommodation units in Tazacorte.

This last option for 1.12 million euros.

A high sum that could offer incredible help to each of the individuals on La Palma who have been impacted by the power of the liquid magma source.

However, they are still pending of it in the middle of an amount of expenses that do not stop.

Neighbor conflicts

Big, splendid, new houses. The kitchens are not finished and have no electricity. This is the issue that neighbors who have had the option of obtaining them complain about.

Jorge is one of them, who explains that "they have lost everything" and in his new house in Fuencaliente "there is no electricity, only water". However, the emotional circumstance they live is clear: they have no means to buy anything.

In two months, four houses have been transmitted in a real sense, while a question of authority has paralyzed the transmission of the pre-assembled houses. A circumstance in spite of which the palmeros have chosen to speak louder.

A circumstance that has caused a foundation of impacted people to combine to set up another city. This is, clearly, the new option for those affected, which has been achieved with the extraordinary help of the island's residents.