Today is International Gamer's Day!

Suria Ibañez
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Who does not know a Gamer in his life? Well, it's time to congratulate him. Today is Gamer's day! Most likely you will celebrate it on your console. However, the million-dollar question would be why is Gamer's Day celebrated on August 29? Actually the reason is very simple, it is not about epic games, not that a Gamer has made history for something. Just a trio of video game magazines decided that this special day for gamers would be celebrated on August 29.

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Gamer's Day

Currently, there are some video games that have been positioned among the public's favorites such as: Halo, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, among some more.

Gamers are usually considered strange people due to their obsession with video games since they share very little time with the real world, however this can in some cases be the best way to channel energy or problems and in some cases they even learn certain things, for example, through video games you can learn the technique of strategy, you can improve your patience and concentration, among some other benefits that playing offers us.

When they play, bonds of friendship and brotherhood are made, so that is another point in their favor. Of course, in social networks, video game companies have already congratulated their gamers and some have even started to raffle things or lower prices so if you are a gamer, take the opportunity to buy something you have wanted.

There is no doubt that the world of video games has been updated and has revolutionized the whole world, the graphics and consoles have become much better and of course the most grateful are the gamers so...

Happy gamer's day!