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Turkey challenges the US and NATO and receives the Russian S-400 so as not to become a "new Syria"

 Jender Milano
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After the success of the S-300 anti-aircraft system in Syria, where it has stopped one after another dozens of Israeli aircraft attacks on Damascus, Turkey has finalized the acquisition of the S-400 system, an improved version of the S-300 and with the important extra that it is not only a defensive system, it can also attack itself with its missiles in a wide range with great effectiveness.

The reasons are obvious, with Syria at his side, Erdoğan seems determined to arm himself as much as he deems necessary to keep Great Britain and the US at bay in their eagerness to recompose the Middle East geostrategically. The US even threatened Turkey with taking action, but the purchase is not only done, but the equipment has already started arriving in Turkey.

Turkey challenges the US and NATO and receives the Russian S-400 so as not to become a "new...

They will not get the F-35 negotiated with the US

Although the purchase of the F-35 fighter aircraft by Turkey was a formal agreement, the United States uses its traditional letter of threat of sanctions and includes the veto of the sale of the aircraft, practically giving the choice to Erdoğan between the S-400 and the F-35s, the answer is already clear.

The fear of NATO and the US responds to the fact that they would be the first S-400 batteries placed in an area of constant action of the alliance's ships, they argue that the technological system of the batteries could serve to collect key information that will give it even more advantage to Russia in an upcoming anti-aircraft system with more strategic knowledge about its aircraft. Turkey rejected the patriot missiles offered by the US instead of the S-400 for better performance of the Russian equipment.

Another fear is that the S-400 is a defense and attack system. Its name corresponds to its degree of attack / defense action in an optimal way, this battery can reach up to 400 kilometers away in attack actions, with which Israel is easily in the field of Syrian attack with its new system.

Iran and Syria have demonstrated the superiority of Russian anti-aircraft missiles

It is the reason why the US and NATO cry out to heaven when a country outside their domain acquires these batteries. In Iran, they have various types of Russian anti-aircraft missiles and although several have been improved by Iranian specialists, they are essentially Russian systems and have allowed them to successfully defend themselves against various incursions in recent years. For its part, Syria has stopped Israeli aircraft attacks from the Lebanese sky with relative ease thanks to the S-300 and has some bases protected with S-400.

Even in Venezuela, many years ago, the government purchased the pre-S-400 equipment, the S-300, and several countries complained about the imbalance it represents for the forces in the region. Nothing is accidental, the countries that somehow escape the tutelage and control of the US are preparing to defend themselves and Russia will always be willing to sell them good weapons to do so.

Turkey challenges the US and NATO and receives the Russian S-400 so as not to become a "new...
Putin and Erdoğan met on the sidelines of the G20 summit

The S-500 will also be in Turkey

This was stated by Erdoğan, who said that Turkey even plans to produce the S-500 launchers together with Russia, in an alliance that increasingly worries the US and that, with the already fixed presence of Russia in Syria, distances the possibility of the United States to shape the region as you wish.

Iran has the S-300 system and has shown interest in the S-400, something that Russia has put off so far, but with the recent actions against Iran by the US and its allies by retaining an oil tanker from the Persian country, a strategic ally of Russia, Russian military sources say that they are studying arming Iran with the S-400 and further shielding its defense (plus the system's attack force).

Turkey challenges the US and NATO and receives the Russian S-400 so as not to become a "new...