US Congress against Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google

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The high number of complaints for abuse of power and anti-competitive behavior has reached the United States Congress. From now on, a legal committee will investigate whether Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have monopolistic behavior and how legal their data processing is.

US Congress against Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google – News – WebMediums
US Congress

The first "blow" by legislators will be to ask the information giants to send them all messages and any executive information that exposes monopolistic behavior.

This process has the support of Republicans and Democrats, something rarely seen in current US politics. What they seek is to audition the leaders of the companies seeking to understand the management of user data and how it is used to feed their own industries.

The criticism made by other companies in the market is that large companies are controlling user data and creating a kind of tie that does not allow free competition.

To explain it in a better way, imagine the type of advertising you receive on Facebook that will generally send you to download an application in the Google store. All these applications have 90% advertising from Admob, a Google subsidiary that is responsible for showing you Amazon products.

It is a business circle where only large companies win. There is no free competition, since Google chooses which search results to show to its users. Facebook rejects certain advertising campaigns and although it is not being investigated, Twitter recently blocked Cuban media accounts to generate pressure from the state.

This shows that there is something big and manipulated about these industries. At first, they made people believe that they were competing with each other, but today it has been discovered that it is a branch of collaborations so as not to allow other types of market to be included.