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US inflation: a scenario not seen since 1982

Lenin Boscaney
2 min read
US inflation: a scenario not seen since 1982 – News – WebMediums
Prices reach figures not seen for 40 years in the United States.

Not since January 1982 had inflation been as high as the one the United States is experiencing right now. The basic basket and gasoline, the main expenses of every citizen, have increased to a percentage of 7.9%.

In the month of February, prices rose gradually, a situation that is not attributed to seasonal changes. Food increased 1%, a figure not seen since April 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the price of gasoline was the biggest driver of inflation last February.

Added to that, a third of the increase of 24 cents per gallon in the cost of gasoline after the Russian country decided to invade Ukraine is rounded off. This situation has led to inflation continuing to rise, according to data compiled by the Oil Price Information Service.

Now, the gallon rose about 71 cents to settle at $4.6 a gallon on Thursday. The US government has said it expected these inflation figures, especially after Russia's invasion of the country of Ukraine, an event that has affected energy significantly, said press secretary Jen Psaki.

Gas rose 6.6% and gasoline rose 38% last month. Similarly, used cars were up 41.2%, but new vehicles were only up 12.4%. As well as delivery services that also increased by 9.7%.

Similarly, the prices of rents and mortgages increased. Rent rose 4.2% while mortgages rose 4.3%, housing costs rose 4.7%. Hotels and other temporary accommodation increased by 25.1%.

A considerable increase is also expected in the areas of travel, tourism and restaurants due to the war and the Omicron wave, from which the US is already recovering.