Video of hysterical woman trying to free Moroccan chickens

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Something unusual happened recently on the streets of Morocco. A British woman started attacking a chicken vendor on the street and asked him to release the chickens from the cage. Not understanding her language and not obeying the woman's orders, she began to free the chickens on her own.

Video of hysterical woman trying to free Moroccan chickens – News

However, all the passersby began to stop her and did not allow the British to open the chicken cages. There was never any aggression from the men, they simply asked him to calm down and not do this damage.

But the British was aggressive. This woman started yelling at them, insulting them and pushing them. She launched several obscene attacks and referred to those who recorded her as stupid and ignorant. She immediately continued trying to open the cage and was aggressive again.

Faced with these acts, those around her kept her waiting for the police. While the woman continued to scream, the men present tried to calm her down. Faced with the impossible, the police arrived and the verbal attacks continued.

Apparently, the woman wanted to free the chickens because she believed that they were mistreating them by keeping them locked up. Interestingly, stress in birds is caused by excessive noise around them, and they are also intimidated by sudden movements. In other words, the hysterical woman caused more damage to the birds than the cage itself.

Police detained her, and she was taken to a hospital where doctors diagnosed hysteria.