What happened to the assault on Area 51 scheduled for September 20?

 Jender Milano
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For months and especially at the time of its launch, the famous Facebook event called: "Let's take Area 51, they will not be able to stop us all", kept millions of people in expectation. Both fans and hunters of aliens and people curious about the subject, we all really thought about what could happen that day.

What happened to the assault on Area 51 scheduled for September 20?
2 women disguised as aliens near the base on September 20

As the day approached, the matter became more complex, some statements from the US Air Force had already made it clear that these are military installations and, regardless of the intention, any person or group that tried to transgress its barriers would find forceful measures as a reply.

There was no business boom or grassroots take

The end result was that they did not take Area 51 and even made the attempt. If more than 2 million people had registered for such an initiative, and this generated great expectations, on D-Day only a little more than 2000 people "approached" and that proximity only refers to being in the same desert as Area 51, the thousands did not even think about approaching the limits.

That is, if the sellers of souvenirs, "stones magnetized by aliens" and other trinkets in those linked to the extraterrestrial phenomenon in the vicinity, expected a great boom in their businesses, the truth is that the thousands who approached are not exactly the avalanche human that seemed to be able to get closer.

Incidents with facility security

According to official information, five people were arrested, only one girl tried to cross the barrier by walking and a subject urinated around the facilities, it seems like a joke, but it was the closest to an attack or an attempt at something against the secret base of the US government.

What did it all turn out to be?

A couple of activities or festivals were held in nearby towns and the majority of the attendees attended, as a variation of Comic Con, between music and stories, people who tell their abduction stories and show special objects, they passed it between fans, apparently the best judging by the messages on networks about these events.

Was this the event organizers' initial plan for Area 51?

It is impossible to determine with certainty, but seen the result, more was the expectation that the reality or perhaps the threats took effect. By now, the attendees had a good time and the millions who followed the matter on Facebook must already be reviewing the chapters of Secret Files, to have a hard time.

What happened to the assault on Area 51 scheduled for September 20?