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When does Black Friday start at Amazon?

Everything you need to know about Black Friday

Irene de Espinoza
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When does Black Friday start at Amazon? – News – WebMediums
The golden opportunity for your online purchases

This famous day It has a date for November 19 to 29 of this year 2021, the company uses this strategy as a way to attract customers through the great offers of each of its products.

From the 19 of this month they began to reduce prices, and thus by November 29 people have profited from their ostentatious way of saving certain items, to give them as gifts or for their personal use.

What is Black Friday?

It is the day when big brands make unimaginable offers of the items most appreciated by consumers, and it is clear that no one wants to be left out.

It symbolizes the day that Christmas begins and is perfect for buying and keeping the gift that your loved one, friend or partner has loved the most.

It is a tradition that goes back to the United States, specifically in Philadelphia.

It is also known as Black Friday. It all started in 1960 when the small markets wanted to cover the market with quite unusual sales in order to have money the next day for the celebration of Thanksgiving, that is; November 26.

The name also means something quite striking, the term "Black" is because prices are commonly marked with red, and it is changed to notice that this emblematic day has arrived and "Friday" is the day that is chosen to make this commemorative day as it is a day before the Thanksgiving celebration.

What are the best Black Friday deals?

For lovers of technology in the form of a speaker, it offers this impressive discount for the famous product of: Echo Dot or better known as “Alexa”, in the market you can find it at 49.99 euros and thanks to the week of Black Friday you would get it to the prodigious precious 18.99 euros.

When does Black Friday start at Amazon? – News – WebMediums
Acquire your technological equipment at good prices

Technology covers a large part in this whole issue due to the great demand that it moves, one of the many products chosen by users are computers offering an incredible price of up to 23% discount for one of their latest generation monitors.

As is the 28-inch Samsung with 4K resolution at the price of 229 euros, which is easily achieved at the price of 300 euros.

Toys are essential for the most beloved of the house, and we cannot forget about them, since toys like those made by the "Play-doh" brand do not go below 20 euros, of which many times they range between the price of 30 euros up to 40, thus noting a reduction of up to 50% this week.

If you need to renew some appliances, this would also be a good gift for yourself or for the person you are living with. You see discounts such as wireless iron from the brand "Rowenta Freemove" that on any other day that you were to buy it, the price would be 86 euros.

But this week there is a reduction of up to 50%, thus remaining at 42 euros, an opportunity that should not be missed.

How long is Black Friday?

It is known that it lasts one day only, which would be November 26, one day before the holiday of thanksgiving, however, lately over the years they have started to leave these offers a little longer.

This very day the streets have been considered chaos and everyone wants to enter the stores aggressively wanting to take advantage of all the offers they have waited for throughout the year.

Many times even buyers tend to stay outside the store for days, saving their place to be able to buy among the first.

However, big brands such as online stores have decided to extend this day more and turn it into a week so that in this way everyone has the opportunity to buy quietly and anticipate Christmas.

Thus leading to a week extending to two and providing for the community and avoiding compulsive buyers.

When does Black Friday start at Amazon? – News – WebMediums
Black Friday is for a limited time do not stay out

Recommendations for Black Friday

Previously, we would have started by recommending you a chair, a piece of furniture or simply a tent with a long outfit, since being items with little demand the process would have been not very difficult to handle, and you could buy with complete peace of mind.

But we have realized that it is no longer necessary because they give you a week and up to two with the opportunity to buy the objects that you have waited all year for, in this way we will give you some recommendations to take into account and thus facilitate and save you time when choosing:

Plan well what you want to buy

We know that this week there will be more than one product that you want to buy due to the huge discount it has, so I recommend you analyze well what type of product you need.

The one that you require the most or the one that best fits your pocket, in this way you would avoid an unnecessary purchase and that you may later regret.

Take a good look at the prices of the products

You have to know very well what the price of these is not only to save money, but sometimes certain stores use a method that has already been noticed.

And it is that a few weeks before Black Friday begins, they inflate prices so that when the big day arrives, the amounts will drop to the same level as they were, so go writing down the prices a month before so that they will not fool you whimsically.

Check if the product has its normal warranty

In that week there is too much anxiety because the users who have longed to have the products that they have observed and followed so much.

So you have to check if they have had a change in terms of quality and if they have modified the date it contains of guarantee so that in this way you avoid an undesirable surprise.

When does Black Friday start at Amazon? – News – WebMediums
Keep an eye on Black Friday

Stay calm

The desperation of having a high-cost product and buying it at an incredible price makes anyone anxious, so I recommend you to be calm and calm.

Well, the emotion could lead you to a pirate page that would take away the illusion of having the product that you have waited for so long and that they also get to scam you and take away all the money you have saved for that week.

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