Challenges of an entrepreneur

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The challenges when undertaking they have existed since the first business in the past, they are not challenges that only happen to you, but they manage to be universal to the point of having hundreds of books of the brightest minds in economics tried to solve them.

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Capital is the first obstacle we find. Many dreams have been forgotten at this point, because we think that without money we are nothing or our idea will not come true.

But when we consult about investment in innovative businesses our idea begins to take life and you find from mistakes in your business model to future advantages of becoming a reality.

But why do not we find investors? It may be your question, the culprits of this question are the media that make us believe that the economic crisis is so great that we will not succeed in the coming years.

But nevertheless, the investors are ready to listen to your idea, the problem of not liking them is that it can be repeated, without foundations or little beneficial for both parties.

another flower business? It was the question to the woman who years later became one of the great exporters of exotic flowers and her achievement was thanks to her innovating and changing her little thought of selling flowers, to cultivate exotic flowers unique in her class, nowadays has biotechnological laboratories in the development of new types of flowers.

Money exists, we just have to find a way to get it to us.

But if your business is common and one more of the market, banks, investors and even your family will doubt you, they will not lend you or invest capital and very possibly you should change your mind.

The challenges when undertaking arise depending on your business idea, some economists say that well-crafted business plans do not suffer from obstacles because the money, the quality and the clients will come by themselves.