What is a legal process?

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It is simply any type of formal notice written by a court where the beginning of a process that involves legal actions against a person, property or entity is reported.

Through which, the court can exercise jurisdiction; Either to arrest a person, seize a property or simply report a citation.

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In summary, the legal process is nothing more than the set of all those formalities of the court to inform any legal procedure that is being raised about a person, property or entity; and exercise the rights of defense or freedom of the accused.

Rights present in a legal process

• The right to have innocence defended until proven otherwise.

• Right to information at all times about what is the reason for which he is accused and what are the rights that the defendant is being assisted.

• Right to have an interpreter in case you need it.

• The right to be silent.

• Right not to testify against you.

• The right to the services of a lawyer.

• Right to be tried as soon as possible.

• The right to have enough time to prepare a good defense.

• The right to have a fair legal process.

• Right to be heard by a court that is impartial and fair.

Objective of the legal process

The main objective of a legal process, is to arrive at a solution to the conflicts presented between the plaintiff and the defendant. Through the legal process, social peace and public order are restored.

Achieving it through the solution of the proposed conflict, the search for a happy level of coexistence and also restoring public and general order.

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¿Qué es un proceso legal?
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