10 Recommendations to save water

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10 Recommendations to save water – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Wash the vegetables in a bowl and not under the running tap.

2. Adjustable nozzles on faucets, hoses, and sprinklers reduce water flow without compromising use,

3. If you buy a new toilet, consider the dual model to empty the tank as it uses approximately four liters for the low level and six for the high level. Some use even less water.

4. Do not use the toilet to dispose of objects that must be thrown in the trash.

5. Fix all leaky faucets.

6. Use all the space in your washer when you turn it on, so fewer cycles per week will be required. Also be aware that most functions that require a half load are inefficient because they use more than half the water required for a full load.

Similarly, if you have a dishwasher, only use it when you have enough dishes to fill its capacity. Do not rinse dishes under the tap beforehand, as dishwashers are designed to get rid of grease from plates, cups, and silverware.

8. If you are buying new equipment for your home, try to choose those that save water.

9. Consider using buckets instead of sprinkler sleeves. This way, you can water more precisely.

10. Prefer to wash the car using buckets and a sponge rather than a hose. You can also buy special car wash towels that don't need water.

How to implement these 5 recommendations

1. Write on a sheet of paper with markers and large letters “Don't waste water” and hang it in the kitchen where it is most wasted.

2. Fix pipes, faucets and possible leaks, as well as repair the control balls of the water leakage.

3. Buy chlorine tablets for the air tank, pools or any water reserve, so the water will take much longer to be unusable and avoid wasting water by washing these reservoirs.

4. Wash the car or motorcycle, spray the garden and even wash clothes at night, this will prevent water from being wasted by evaporation.

5. Meet with the family and guests to explain the proper use of water, thus becoming aware not to waste water during carnivals or other festivities.

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