13 foods that it is better to avoid

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Wrongly, in our imagination, many daily foods are considered healthy and almost indispensable for our body.

Actually, it is not like that. It is always advisable to read the food labels very well to control the ingredients they contain before choosing to consume them often.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Food that is best avoided

In fact, as we will see, many foods that we can easily find for sale and at the expense of our homes should be consumed in moderation or even not consumed, precisely because they are very tasty, we can exaggerate and that would not be good for our organism.

Some more, others less, each one of us tries to take care of our physical well-being through a healthy diet, but the truth is that some foods that we consider healthy really are not.

Additives, sweeteners and colorants are some of the ingredients that we will hardly notice in our food. Foods, including snacks, that we consume daily, very often contain these unhealthy substances.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Now we will discover what are (and why) the 13 foods that seem healthy but that are not:

Gluten-free foods

Many people suffer from food intolerance, among them the so-called celiac disease is perhaps the most common.

For these individuals it is essential to eat gluten-free foods to be well. But beware! Not all gluten-free foods are really healthy.

In fact, they often contain additives harmful to health. In this case it is always good to take a look at the label.

Rice crackers

Many of those who are firm in the diet, usually have the habit of changing the bread for rice crackers, mistakenly thinking that this food is healthy in every way.

Actually, it is not like that. The fact is that you have to pay close attention to the label. For rice crackers to be considered really healthy, they should not contain ingredients such as: modified starch, dye or yeast.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Banana chips

When you want to make a quick and healthy snack, especially when you do not have a lot of time and are away from home, dried fruits can be a great choice.

Tasty and practical to carry in a bag compared with fresh fruits of the season, is in most cases a sandwich full of benefits for the body. But this discourse is not valid for all dried fruits.

Like apricots, banana sandwiches are not as harmless as we think.

In fact, chips, unlike fresh bananas, which are rich in beneficial properties, are fried, therefore more caloric. In addition, chemicals are added to help highlight the taste of the banana.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Dried fruit

In addition to bananas chips, it is good to pay attention to dehydrated fruits in general. They can be treated with fungicides and sulfur dioxide.

These processes serve to prevent the dried fruit from spoiling and losing its color. For this reason, it is best not to abuse these foods potentially dangerous to health.

Cheese light

Sliced ​​cheese, especially in the light version with fewer calories, is mistakenly considered a healthy food.

In fact, it is not a good alternative to classic cheese and, no doubt, it is healthier to eat a good traditional cheese sometimes than to eat cheese often considered light.

Canned fruits and vegetables

In the pantry of all houses it is easy to find canned food. Also in this case it would be better to consume vegetables and fresh fruits.

In fact, to fruits and vegetables canned, added sugar, salt and other substances that would not be necessary for our body. So he prefers to eat fruits and vegetables from the station.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Vegetables rich in starch

Vegetables rich in starch contain few fibers, vitamins and minerals compared to very high caloric content.

So some vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins and corn are not very beneficial for our body. Therefore, it is better to reduce the amount consumed.


Yogurt is also considered a light and healthy food. Actually it is not like that, especially in relation to those flavored with fruits that are rich in sugar, dyes and that contain a small protein.

For this reason, it is preferable to replace fruit yogurt with plain yogurt without sweetener.

Big wave

Breakfast is considered by experts as one of the most important meals and perhaps the most important of our day.

That is why so many people consume granola every day mistakenly thinking that it is a super healthy food. In fact, granola is almost always added sugar and fats that do not do well to our body.

Cereal bread

The choice of bread is always very important. In this case, I would prefer to buy white bread instead of cereals. What happens is that, to make multiple grain bread, some refined flours are often used that are less healthy than those used to make white bread. Therefore, read the packing information to know what type of flour has been used.

13 foods that it is better to avoid – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Cereal bars

Cereal-based energy bars often have the same calories as a good chocolate bar. This is because they are usually full of sugar, palm oil and glucose syrup.

Dressings for salads

To keep the line, never replace the natural spices with ready sauces. In fact, these products can be considered tastier, but they are very rich in sugar.

Agave Syrup

Agave syrup, normally used as a healthier substitute for sugar, actually contains a much higher amount of fructose.

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13 alimentos que es mejor evitar
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