Adding children to video games

Arachely Perez
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Adding children to video games – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. Chisrtian Lous Lange.

Nowadays it is normal to see the children from an early age, glued to their phones smart and video games, this could point little by little to addiction very dangerous.

It is a fact that the world is changing by leaps and bounds and although the technology can help us discover wonderful things can also be a bit harmful, especially if we are not able to control the most little onesof the house Today we will talk a little about this controversial topic.

Adding children to video games – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

what is addiction to video games?

Activity excessive and the activity addictive is not the same. What allows to differentiate them and carry out a diagnosis of addiction it's how it interferes with a player's daily life. That is, a child with addiction a video game is one that loses part of his life playing.

Using technology is not a problem, daria Kuss senior speaker in psychology at Nottingham Trent University at UK he evaluated what is the evidence about the videogame disorder. "Internet and video games have become integral components of our daily lives, including the lives of children," he says. "Use becomes excessive if it significantly interferes with daily tasks, such as academic achievement and social contact outside. Internet or video games. "

the excess in life is bad, we can not pretend to deprive our children access to technology but if parents achieve control and know how to identify keys that show us if our child needs help and to dominate the situation so that this does not become a addiction.

If you are worried because your son is carrying his nintendo everywhere or is constantly with your phone or consoles here are some tips so you can identify if your child is addicted to games

Behavior and symptoms of a son addicted to video games

When the child is isolated from family or parents and is able to spend hours and hours in front of a screen and even forgetting to eat or subtracting hours of sleep this would be a clear example that needs help.

A very common symptom is when the child presents impulsive habits, when he needs to play immediately and also if he has money saved or asks for money to continue buying video games in a desperate way and does not care what he spends, he just needs to get more.

A addict to the video game he will lose the notion of time, he will spend more than 8 hours playing and he will not perceive it or on the contrary if he does not care, he prioritizes to play before anything.

When the game has negative effects on other areas of life of the boy or girl, for example they may lack friends, perhaps many times they do not want to do homework or study because this takes time to play and may even be affected in health by the sedentary life that leads.

We must observe with caution the behavior of our children and especially in the stage of the adolescence y pre adolescence since it is very common for these things to happen.

If he teen it seems that he lives in an imaginary world, different from the real world and constantly needs to escape fantasy. The addict in many cases he uses video games to avoid what happens around him.

An addict to the videogame he does not know how to manage his money he is able to spend a lot to buy more new games, accessories and everything that has to do with this topic. He is not able to save for other basic needs. If he is a minor he will ask his parents more and more and his attitude if he does not get it will be very irritable.

When the addict changes and modifies your mood, example presents a subjective experience of euphoria and excitement while playing.

A very clear symptom is when our small he prefers to be locked in his room before playing ball, sharing with his parents, when the games suppose a basic need for them it is necessary to ask professional help and even take him to rehabilitated if required.

Adding children to video games – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Tips to help a son addicted to video games

There are measures that we like parents and also the educators we can carry out to prevent this problem from happening. If we suspect that the teen or boy it could be addict to the video game we present you some tips below:

Number one and very important we should encourage our children to play in groups with friends, participate in activities such as playing ball, running. We must insentiate the interaction with others and avoid isolation.

It is very important to agree on schedule and game guidelines. The child has to know that there is control at the time of to play. We can make deals with them, for example on weekends you play, the rest of the week we will do sports and other activities that keep the small activated.

We must have tolerance in this situation as in the addictions to substances they have the need more and more to play to feel satiated.

Something very necessary and useful is to check the content of the video game if they are aggressive and violent, change them for more educational ones.

Keep the console in a visible place is very important because if you are in the room of the teen he would have a chance to play whenever he wants and this will increase the addiction.

It is necessary to remain calm and be patient in a situation like this. The issue is more serious than it seems, so we should not be confused and leave them with their consoles and games so they do not bother

Our children need attention, interact with them, ask them what they did during the day, and most importantly, listen to them. Listen to our children and know what they feel, there are many young people who are locked in the world of video games to escape reality.