Games to learn

Dan Mart
Dan Mart
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Games facilitate learning, not all children have the same ability for educational development, that is why games have been created that allow them to cultivate knowledge through tools and materials that strengthen education.

They are considered educational strategies that help the demotivation of the student, besides being an entertainment method it is better for learning. The games impose specific goals and rules, taking into account that when playing, as well as winning it can also be lost.

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The gamification influences by means of the dynamics and rules of the game, taking this to education allows the student to meet the teacher's objective, so that educators facilitate understanding through these didactic activities.

All activity carried out through games brings many advantages for the student, among those are:

- Motivates the student for obtaining knowledge.

- Excellent academic performance.

- Development of cognitive abilities.

- Responsibility is created in the Child.

- The motivation for the study arises.

- Allows the child to develop in a playful and creative environment.

- It is required tolerant and respectful attitudes by the student.

- There is visual and skill strengthening.

Games to learn – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

List of best games to learn at home:

- Memo karemo: it is a kind of puzzle, there are 4 cards that you must place with the figure down, then you must turn around and go arming the animal and guess what it is called.

- Sound box: it consists of 12 pieces, what do you do different sounds, where the child must differentiate each sound and memorize them.

- Lotuses of different themes.

- Play with a rubber ball.

- The game between girls and their dolls.

- Board games: ludo, monopoly, cards.

- Pillow fight.

List of best games to learn at school:

- Game of wit: try to see who knows more about names, countries, things among others.

- Thick or soft: inside a bag several objects are placed, smooth, rough, delicate, each child introduces the hand and must blindfold identify the type of object.

- Step on papers: placing different papers on the floor and jumping in each one of them allows us to create stability in our body.

- Jump the rope: it is one of the most everyday games, it can be done by only one person or three. Consists in grab the rope at both ends and jump with it.

- Play to kill: this game consists of throwing a rubber ball at the opponent and burning it with it.

- Stone, paper or scissors: one of the more traditional games, it can be carried out at any place or time.

- Tell jokes.

- Riddles: it is our most fun and funny.

- Go by bicycle.

- Play with plasticine.

- Make races.

- The egg in the spoon: the spoon is placed in the mouth, and the egg is placed in the wave part, subsequently you should walk without the egg falling.

- The blind chicken: the eyes are sold and the rest of the players must be searched.

- Race in the bags.