How to gain the trust of your child?

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In order to gain trust in a child, we must emphasize an open communication that allows us to ingest the security and hope that is deposited in the other person.

Always remembering that having trust is something reciprocal and allows achieving a purpose to develop a project, fulfill a task and give solutions to obstacles that hinder the advance and development of the person.

How to gain the trust of your child? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Parents must be the people with whom a child always counts making it possible an emotional connection to feel security, courage and understanding.

When the child has confidence in parents doubts in any situation take second place, allowing the belief in oneself and those people who inspire us.

Conditions to earn the trust of a child

According to studies carried out, trust is the result of the small elections that are taken daily in the face of the diversity of situations and for this reason it is important to highlight several aspects:

Limits: As parents, children should be helped to recognize their right not to let them harm themselves and not to others, respecting the space of each person in the environment when they want something different, that is, the son internalizes its limits and from there learns to respect itself.

You must also teach to fulfill commitments knowing how far you can acquire the obligation assuming the errors and the successes.

How to gain the trust of your child? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Communication: an open and sincere dialogue should be maintained with the children, listening to their stories to understand them and allowing them to build trust in the parents. It is important that the parents find time and place to intertwine the communication without judging them.

Understanding: one must be understanding when listening to the approaches or events that they face daily, allowing them to find solutions and teach them to face situations.

Parents should be mediators so their children can express how they feel and what to expect from the other.

When the son is understood, he identifies himself and manages to change mistakes that allow him to transform the acquired experiences in a positive way, allowing him to trust in himself and in the other people around him.

As we said earlier to get the trust of the children, it requires, time, will, perseverance and above all love.

Trust is the security capacity that is deposited in another person, in this case in the parents. the trust that the child places in other people is built throughout life through small, large, good and bad moments.

How to gain the trust of your child? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

It is essential that we teach children to be honest with themselves so they can identify and recognize their feelings, strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

We must keep in mind that it is very important for parents to understand that children every day become individuals capable of choosing and understand that they are aware that their physical, emotional and emotional needs are constantly changing, transforming their behavior and turn them into independent people and cling to their own identity.