How to motivate your child to study?

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When you are a parent, you are a teacher and one of the tasks to fulfill is the teaching and learning that you have, since the job is to achieve the motivation towards the study that can be infused to the children.

As parents who have traveled life through the experiences lived the endless work is the motivation for our children to reach goals set by themselves and our duty is tostrategies to use to study and fulfill their purposes.

How to motivate your child to study? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Strategies for the motivation of a child

Among these strategies we have:

The study environment should be attractive to the child, where he feels comfortable and is a fixed place without distractors around that make him stop studying so it is suggested that the decoration should be placed by the child with the help of parents or relatives to allow concentration.

The outlined goals which must be placed in a visible place to have a commitment and to fulfill it, the child is instructed to study and / or review what has been seen at school in order to perform well.

It is important to point out that if the child has concentration problems he should be allowed brief breaks and praise what he has done well and not focus what he has done wrong, also in significant that if it presents problems in the acquisition of learnings professional support must be established to establish new strategies.

How to motivate your child to study? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Attractive transmission between school and child establishing good relationship with teacherspositive attitude and fulfillment of duties as well as tell anecdotes lived by us parents who are positive and emphasize the luck they have in being able to attend a school.

Learning must be something natural in the child where this makes sense to him or her and when you discover your own style or tools you need to teach you how to use it efficiently.

Education and motivation

We must remember that there are diversity of students which can be auditory (they are motivated to listen to a recording, rhymes, songs, verses, or help with an oral test) visuals (incorporation of visual activities that motivate them to the study process through colors, key concepts).

Quinisiegógicos (are students who can incorporate practical activities through physical activities such as walking when they recite what they have learned) and depending on the type of student that is to suggest techniques that help you to understand it.

How to motivate your child to study? – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

Write messages of encouragement that they transmit to the child positive things so that you can develop as a person academically and achieve your goals.

Setting the example is very important as long as it is used appropriately since children are sponges and imitate parents and it is important that children visualize their parents or parents.representatives perform duties to make it an extra motivator.

The 5 NO that is related to the duties of the children performed by third parties, the punishment, cries, threats and comparison that are discouraging.