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Somali cat and all its characteristics and care. What characterizes the Somali cat is its patience and not very possessive character. these two characteristics make this feline the perfect pet for homes with children or some other pets.

The origin of this animal is the United States and Canada, and it is very easy to differentiate from other cats. To begin these have a long and hard hair. At the same time his fur is very striking and is believed to have been the result of a mixture of Abyssinians and Persians, but this has not been confirmed.

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They were recognized as a breed of cats for the year 1978 by the International Cynological Federation (FCI). However, several organizations did not recognize it until four years later.

History of the Somali Cat

Just in the 50s began the crosses between cat breeds, among which crosses were Abyssinian, Siamese and Persian cats. Because of this many think that this breed of cats was born from one of those crosses.

Then in the 60s, there was a great confusion regarding the Somali since it was confused with the Abyssinian. But to occur when their fur is semi-long, they built a new species.

This species was officially recognized in 1977 by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and by the International Feline Federation (FIFe) in 1983.

Although their name carries the word "Somali" these cats are not from Somalia, they called it that way, because of their relationship with the Abyssinian cat.

Somali cat traits

It is a cat with a medium length, flexible and muscular, it also has a wild and elegant appearance. It can weigh four or five kilos, with a slightly bent back.

Somali cat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

On the other hand its head has well defined contours and is triangular, with round eyes, flat snout and pointed ears. The color of the eyes is usually very intense and uniform, ranging from amber to green.

Its tail on one side is spongy, long, thick and pointed, something similar to that of foxes.

The legs on one side are long with narrow and oval feet, these allow them to make large movements.

This can be of the following colors; dark cream and faded beige, chocolate and peach, black and peach and cream with bluish gray.

The male weighs about 7 kg, while the female reaches 5.5 kg. They usually have 4 puppies and their development is slow.

Somali Cat Personality

Sociable, playful, active and athletic are the characteristics of this breed of cats, because they are athletic they must perform exercises continuously.

It should be noted that these cats are not satisfied in small spaces, they need a large room to move.

So take into account where you are before you adopt one.

Other characteristics of these pets are, patience, little possessive and sweet. These characteristics make it the perfect pet for homes with children.

Cares of the Somali Cat

Your coat is the most careful, we recommend brushing them every week, but if you are in times of molt you should do it daily.

Somali cat – Parent Stuff – WebMediums

The rest of the care is similar to that of other cats so if you had one before you will have no problem.

We remind you to keep your ears and eyes clean, bathe them from time to time and make routine visits with the vet.

Their diet is similar to that of other cats, so you should not have problems taking care of them.

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