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American Hot Dog: The Original Recipe

Sara Manaure
5 min read

Hot dogs or also called "hot dogs" are one of the most popular fast foods and are used by diners at the time of holding a celebration or event.

The American hot dog has peculiarities within its simple preparation that make it unique and different from other types of hot dogs, hot dogs or whatever they call it in your country.

American Hot Dog: The Original Recipe – Recipes – WebMediums
Rich hot dogs.

I will show you how iconic a recipe for one of the types of American hot dogs can be, so get the barbecue ready and get to work.

American hot dog recipe

We will prepare a recipe in the first instance for two people and if it requires a larger quantity, it will simply double the ingredients considering the number of people.

American hot dog Ingredient

Although there have been many versions of the hot dog, take advantage of it to know the original flavor of which North Americans are so proud.

  • 2 sausages type Frankfurt or Wiener,

  • 2 dog breads,

  • Ketchup.

How to prepare American hot dog?

For the amount of ingredients, do not be surprised how simple it can be. Bring the sausages to a boil or grill them.

When the sausages are about to come out, put the loaves to receive a little steam to soften them.

Remove the buns and place the sausages inside. And then add a ketchup or tomato skip. And ready! A delicious hot dog to enjoy.

Over time the ingredients were added to the original recipe. Making an appearance are corn sauce, garlic sauce, mustard, salad, among other things.

Here is one of the many versions that you can get at any hot dog stand.

American Hot Dog: The Original Recipe – Recipes – WebMediums
American Hot Dog.

Another version of hog dog

Around the world, each country or group of people make their versions of hot dogs, in fact, in each meeting it is possible to have several recipes.

So do not worry about having all the ingredients, I just remember that you can not miss the bread, the sausage and some other sauce, everything is allowed. For this version you will need:

  • 2 sausages type Frankfurt or Wiener,

  • 2 hot dog buns or long buns,

  • ½ onion,

  • 1 green bell pepper,

  • 2 slices of bacon,

  • Ketchup,

  • American mustard.

Preparation method.

How to prepare a hog dog?

1. We will start by chopping the onion into small squares as well as the green pepper.

2. Followed by this we take a frying pan and add oil to taste and fry the onion and paprika.

3. Once the ingredients are well fried, remove from the pan.

4. In the same skillet, place the bacon and wait for it to cook until slightly crispy and remove it from the pan.

5. We proceed to cut the loaves. If it is to your liking, you can place them momentarily on the same pan so that they take on more flavor and are a little more toasted, this of course depending on the liking of the person.

6. Place the sausage on the pan and wait for it to take on a bright tone and place it in the bread.

7. Now, put a little sauce on the bottom of the bread to hydrate it.

8. Next, put the sausage and on top of it the bacon, onion and paprika.

9. As a final touch and in the way you like the most, you can put the ketchup on it.

If you don't have it, you can improvise with any tomato sauce you have at home and American mustard to your liking, with this you have the perfect American hot dog.

10. Finish by serving it on a plate and accompanying it with a rich and cold drink that allows you to continue eating all the hot dogs you want.

American Hot Dog: The Original Recipe – Recipes – WebMediums
Variations on the Hot Dog.

Hot dog sausage

Believe it or not, there is a way of eating hot dogs that is a bit peculiar which changes the basic logic of the traditional hot dog. This consists of how its name in Spanish says “hot dog sausage”.

Which is based simply on eating a sausage that is impaled and covered in sauce. In particular cases such as Japan, the sausage is breaded on the outside.

This peculiar shape in some places is not recognized as an original American hot dog. But it is also included within the multiple varieties of hot dogs.

Worldwide, its transformation varies in thousands of styles to taste this fast food.

So now you know if you are an inveterate fan of hot dogs or hot dogs, you already have two ways to prepare and eat them, one of them with the most classic and original method.

And another that could be said to be based on pure protein without carbohydrates and calories, thus leaving an open letter for you to enjoy in the best way and checking from the first bite that just one of them will not be enough to please the palate.