Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily?

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Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums
Colorful and delicious candy

Gomitas are one of the most appreciated sweets by all, especially by children who love merendar. Whether it's to distribute at the festivities, as a snack, take for a sharing or just to eat something different, the gumits are an excellent option.

This recipe does not require many materials and can be easily prepared with the utensils you have at home, it is not required to to buy something special. If you continue the Step-by-step recipe, the safest thing is that you have a delicious appetizer to enjoy.

Remember that, like everything in the kitchen, the measurements and the environment in which they are given are key points to create large dishes. This is not the exception So make sure everything is in order before you start.


  • The first thing you should have been 7 tablespoons of flavored gelatin.

  • In addition, you must have 3 cups of sugar and 2 water.

  • Likewise, you need 1 cup of gelatin with the taste of your preference and a little sugar to decorate.

  • A fashion tray, optional a mold where to place the gelatin afterwards. Preferably a refractory mold.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

Steps to prepare gumits

The preparation of the gummies itself, has 2 parts. The first is making the base as such and the second would be the cooling part before serving. Take your time so that everything comes out as thought.

If you have gotten the appropriate ingredients, you have the disposition and time to try this recipe, it is time to start.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

How to make the base of the gumits?

To begin, it should be placed in a pot preferably with ASA, water, flavored gelatin and the amount of sugar indicated.

Mix as good as possible, once uniform the mixture carry the pot to fire. You must be pending to stir the mixture while it is on fire, so that will not be pasted.

Wait until it boil a little to add the taste gelatin of your preference.

When you have mixed everything well, wait for the mixture to take texture and thicken. An indicator that the preparation is on the right track, is that at this point it must be formed a film on the surface.

Cooling the mixture

Now, while the mixture acquires shape, take the refractory mold and model it with cold water. When the mixture has reached the point to form the film on the surface pour the mixture.

You should let stand from one day for another to cool completely. This mix will not go to the fridge, the idea is to take advantage of the viscosity of the mixture for that sugar adhere.

The next day you can easily take a cookie cutter and cut the ways you like. You can make cubes, triangle or the way you like the most.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

At your service

Before cutting, have a plate with sugar, and a tray or container. So when cutting the forms pass by the sugar and then place them in the container to repossess them.

After a few minutes you will have fresh and rich gummies to delight the palate. You can serve them to spend an entertaining afternoon, give people to attend their office or to have an appetizer when returning home.

In case, alone or accompanied by other sweets, the gummies are a palate pair, do not stop trying.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

Recommendations to enjoy delicious gummies

Although the recipe very simple there are several factors that can influence the final result. One of them are the ingredients, take the appropriate measures, know that other options regarding utensils can be used.

For this reason, we present some tips that will surely help you get the desired result.


Look at all the ingredients and place them in separate containers. If it is duplicating the recipe you can do without problem, just make sure you have the correct amounts before starting to avoid stumbling.

Remember Using the Medidora Cup, it is not the same Measure a cup of sugar than one of flour. Although in theory a cup is a cup sugar usually has thicker grains than flour or gelatin.


Another important point is the presentation of gelatin, there are gelatines in bars and envelopes. As well as different brands, so if you do not achieve the desired result you may need to wait a little longer to achieve the texture or simply change brand.

While all the brands that are at their attributes is important to know how to manage them to achieve the desired textures and shapes, that only is learned through practice.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

Kitchen implements

The utensils that use procuren has or little use or do not be used to cook sauces, meats or any salt food. This is because the wood or plastic pallets usually absorb certain odors and flavors.

Gummies: How to do them quickly and easily? – Recipes – WebMediums

Cooling technique

Another method to get it cool is to place in the package in a larger one so that it allows you to place water around with ice without touching the mixture, in a spice of Bath of Mary. A tray Metallic could be an excellent option, since they are thin and the cut is facilitated in addition to better handling the temperature.

Let stand gummies with sugar until it has a slightly tougher texture. It is recommended place them individually and not one above the other so that it will not be paste.

The amount you can get out of this recipe will depend on how you make the cutting of the gelatins and purpose you have. You can Give concrete shapes or used to decorate or just have snacks to consume.